I'm not able to find my old PIVX wallet version


My old wallet 3.0.4 becomes stuck syncing and says remains at X hours left, and so I install a new Wallet 3.0.5 to see if It can start syncing again. There appear 2 wallets running on my computer, and today I’m tired of waiting my wallet to be syncing again so I decide to send all of my Pivx to an exchange. However, I cannot find my wallet containing my PIVX, can you help me to locate my wallet ?


And today I cannot load my new wallet also after trying many ways to locate my old wallet.



Your wallet(wallet.dat) is stored in the directory C: \ Users\ your_username\AppData\Roaming\PIVX.

I had the same problems but after the steps below, the problem was solved.

  • close the wallet software
  • copy wallet.dat from C: \ Users \ your_username \ AppData \ Roaming \ PIVX to a safe place (eg to USB stick)
    delete the wallet software
  • download the latest wallet software version
  • remove from the directory C: \ Users\ your_username\ AppData\Roaming\ the directory PIVX
  • start the new version of the wallet software (with a new wallet)
  • wait for the blockcain to be synchronized (Can take a day and a half)
  • if blockcain is synchronized, close the wallet software
  • copy wallet.dat from the USB stick (overwrite the existing wallet.dat) to the directory C:\ Users\yourusername\
  • restart the wallet software



Tks a lot for the reply,
I follow your steps but still dont find PIVX folder, you can see the picture below

I think I , at first, might have installed it to another location, this is might be the location I chose to install


I just install v3.0.6 wallet and now I can see recent transactions, but all of my Pivx are missing


Can anyone here tell me how to find my missing Pivx coin ?


It takes 3 days already and my wallet is still synchronizing.
Will I lose my coins after the upgrade?
No, you will not lose your coins after the upgrade. In fact, we always recommend to upgrade to our latest wallet to ensure its security & stability.
Where are my coins after the upgrade ?


I follow these steps:

  • do a complete(!) backup of this folder in case something goes wrong
  • completely remove the folders “blocks”, “chainstate”, “sporks” and “zerocoin”
  • download one of the snapshot-files (preferably the newest one) above into this folder
  • unpack the snapshot file: ‘unzip <filename.zip>’
    And now my wallet is synchronized, but then I dont see any recent transactions anymore, my coins are still missing. What can I do now to recover my coins ?


I now can see my coins.
Coins do not show up in the wallet while you are out of sync because the wallet has to find the transactions in the block chain and display them.