Installing wallet on raspberry pi


HI! I am a total beginner when it comes to linux based stuff. How do I install the wallet on a raspberry pi? i have downloaded and extracted the tar.gz file and dont know where to go from here. Any help appreciated! /Ad


@soundrejp you were able to extract the tar.gz file? how were you able to do that?


@masterofzoom I just clicked on it and opened with a program that extracted it. cant remember the name of the app. Anyway I ended up installing the wallet for raspberry pi2, I couldn’t get the one for raspberry pi3 to work.


Thanks @@soundrejp, so you were able to get the RP2 wallet to work on your RP3? Interesting. I’ve finally figured out how to unzip the .gz file. but now it won’t let me edit the .pivxd file. Did you have trouble with that? thanks.


Hello…get the directory path for those files and open the terminal. Use the ‘cd’ command to change directories in terminal. Go to the directory where dash files mentioned above are located. For instance let’s say you dragged the ‘bin’ file to desktop, the command to get there would be,
cd /Desktop/bin
Once you are there you will want to run commands to open wallet, here’s the command.