International mass marketing with SMS OTP verification


Should we give $1 to everyone who signs up and verifies with SMS OTP ?

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Text copy-pasted and edited from a Dash preproposal made by Dashmaximalist.

Hi everyone,

bitcoin is expected have around 10-25 million users and it’s raising exponentially thanks to 100s of affiliate channels ( like coinbase offering $10 , genesis giving 3% discount on referrals for account opening etc)

If we want to take over bitcoin we need to act fast, if bitcoin manages to cross 100 million users it would get extremely difficult to take them over.

we all agree that pivx is a wonderful product, but just having a sexy product doesn’t pull users automatically. Users need to be incentivised atleast initially ( thats why my bank offers £200 if you switch).

Some proposals so far have focused enabling pivx payments for businesses, which is basically pretty slow and ineffective , users don’t start using pivx because couple of shops are accepting piv( that’s just common sense right , which unfortunately most proposals miss )

This is exactly why one of first big user oriented DASH campaign amanda_b_johnson 's #firstdashwallet was a huge success. 1000s of people opened their wallets and posted pics on twitter so much so that the team handling verifications was overwhelmed.

we want to start this legacy here in pivx, and thought of using facial recognition based approach to give $5 to each person , however after having feisty discussions about using facial recognition for unique verification , we figured out that SMS OTP verification is a better and easier thing to handle and has much better privacy protection etc

we propose to give $1 in piv to everyone who downloads piv wallet and verifies through SMS OTP and $1 to for every referral they refer who signs up and does the verification

This has many benefits compared to any other method that can be used for mass marketing that can bring millions of users.

first off , people are very comfortable with SMS OTP verification and it hardly takes any effort except for putting your phone no

In Most developing countries it costs more than $1 to get a SIM CARD ( and most have a limit on the no of sim cards you can get) so our little one dollar gift will not be big enough to entice hackers to hack our system

Sim cards technology is extremely reliant and has withstood any technical hacking done by hackers ( not social engineering which cant be done en masse)

The amount of personal data that we need to collect very little ( all those privacy buffs take sigh now)

Last but not least, total cost per user acquisition is just $2 ( much less than the #firstdashwallet give away ) and we can track it directly with the no of app downloads and reviews we get on our playstore/appstore.

The strategy is not to pay everyone in a particular country , but to pay just 2-5% of a country to sign up, this sort of forms a root over there , and the rest picks on itself.

Bitcoin has huge earlier mover advantage in big countries like china, india , japan and korea but have missed out in the smaller and poorer countries, a stable currency ( or appreciating currency ) like piv can bring numerous advantages to the developing countries. Many of these countries are run by quasi dictators / dictators who impose crushing currency controls and have high/hyper inflation, if piv becomes their national currencies ( i know its a big IF but frankly it’s a when :slight_smile: ) , it literally gives huge boost to their economies

What does this project basically aim to do ?

Bitcoin is extremely popular with users because 100s of websites are catered to bitcoin, 100s of sites cater to bitcoin because millions of users are using bitcoin, this is catch-22 problem and unless we manage to get a couple of million users we can’t really think of competing with bitcoin.

This project aims to introduce piv to millions of users a very nominal cost, who will then be catered by 100s of piv based businesses in future. Once we have a million plus users using piv, we can start running other interesting marketing campaigns.

The current timing is an awesome opportunity for piv as bitcoin is under heavy stress ( because of the insane transaction fees and slow confirmation), before bitcoin solves these issues in a meaningful way, we should capitalize on it

Update: will be hosted soon (just the dummy site), this site will host lot of piv related material and will be a go to guide , in future we aim to include piv wallet and piv merchant map and sort of become the for piv, your feedback is welcome


Let me inform the PIVX community that I was banned from the dash forum, a few hours after I posted this proposal here. Officially not for this reason of course, but who knows what the real reason for my ban is?


I love the idea to give away piv, get people interested and installing the wallet. An entrepreneur told me last year he calculated that he had 90% greater response from the public when he made them put just a little bit of effort to get the taste (of the product, in this case $1 worth of piv). My only problem with this is that the SMS verification risks abuse, also giving away a phone number is not needed. My counter would be to fund mods in the forums to donate more money to people that are injecting themselves into the projects, for instance giving a @pivxtipbot payment for helping out a newbie or something. As long as the person/people receiving the funding are able to be audited and are very trusted.


There are not serius verification risks.
Read here

and here


hmmmm, that is actually a really cool idea. I love the idea do not get me wrong. But the sms verification can be broken and if there is real scale involved than it will be broken. Spoofing cell phone numbers and generating faces. Proof of individuality is so hard to implement in scale. BTW reading the Dash forums also makes me super sad, there is so much talent on the other side of the wall but they just refuse to see the technical advantages of using PIVX??? I guess they will just have to join later;)


Lets try it in a small scale and then in a large scale.
In dash, Dashmaximalist is planning to initally give 300$ from his own pocket, and see how it goes.
Why not do the same here, with money from the PIV budget system?

Is the monthly budget of PIVX tottaly spend? Arent there some PIV remainings?
300$ is just 100 PIV. Instead of throwing them to dev/null, offer them for this purpose.
1$ may be a small amount, but it may really help some poor people in third world countries.

There is a plugin in wordpress named miniorange. which you may use for a quick and dirty implementation of an SMS otp.
And I may help in that, if you offer me a development enviroment of wordpress and some free SMS to send them to phone numbers, for testing purposes.


How much are you asking for initially then?


I am asking 50 PIV to make this a proposal. If it gains a lot of YES (we dont need to wait until the end of the month, just lets see were the masternode stream goes), then the cost for the miniorange wordpress plugin for unlimited SMS-otp is 99$ (once and forever I think). I also need a subscription to goddady wordpress developer, which costs 14$/month

So hoping that the 50 PIV will be reimbursed, then the development cost is aproximattely 50 PIV.

Then the masternodes will vote the numbers, and decide how much PIV they want to give to poor countries. Let the masternodes votes be expressed as a percentage of the remaining PIV that, in every budget cycle, are thrown into /dev/null . Yes I know, I havent yet finished the vote the numbers plugin in PIVX core :sleepy::sleepy::sob:. So you may vote that percentage number manually, maybe in a poll here in the forum, if you dont mind. In the future the masternodes may vote this as an “adaptive charity fee”

This is what I am asking. I want nothing for myself, I work for free. And if I will not manage to finish the job in the deadline you (or I) set, you are free to fire me and hire a better than me (who may or may not ask some money for the job)


The dash mods not only they ban me for 10 days silently without informing the dash community about it, but also they deleted the link I posted to the dashtalk forum, which pointed to this pivx preproposal here.

You can read macrochip’s original quote here.

Τhey condemn me like Prometheus, because I stole the fire from the Dash Gods and I gave it to the humankind.:stuck_out_tongue:

If this is not a good proposal for PIVX, then why they banned me in dashtalk forum for proposing it to you?


There is no way to stop info sharing among the two communities, I see no reason to fuss over it. The beauty of a DAO ~

I would be willing to donate to this.


In that case, and because time is money, and because no matter how much money you have you cannot buy time…

I have 0.9 dash and 1.65 pivx. I would like to exchange my dash and get 50 PIV in order to be able to propose here in PIVX the sms-otp proposal.

But the dash I own has been given to me as a gift in order to add proposals in the dash budget system. I have already spend 0,1 dash in order to propose the “adaptive proposal fee” here in PIVX, and I feel that what I did was not tottaly fair. I have to respect the reason people donate to me.

So what do you think I should do? Shall I spend my remaing dash for proposing here in PIVX?

And if you really want to donate for the sms-otp purpose. how do you want your money to be spend?


If you can write a proposal I’ll pay half of the cost. If the proposal goes through you can pay me back if you’d like.


As long as I think it is unfair to spend again the dash given to me for dash proposals, we have 25 + 1.65 = 26.65 PIV
Is anyone esle interesting funding this proposal?
We need 23.35 PIV and in case the proposal passes, all PIV will be returned to the owners,

I think that if we cannot find other people willing to fund the proposal, this is a bad sign and the proposal may probably rejected by the MNOs


Maybe I have to spend dash for the proposal. Maybe 10 PIV more, although its a lot for me, it is the 10% of my whole fortune.

Anyway, lets wait until the 12 of the month. My ban in dashtalk will end , and I will be able to contact Dashmaximalist and ask him whether he wants to fund this preproposal here.


It is definitely an investment in itself. If you can pull this type of promotional off than you would be in the standing to charge for your time as well. Can you not make another account to contact him and explain who you are?


I dont want to create an alternative account. I hate alternative accounts, the internet is full of alternative accounts of mine. I know every single alternative account I created, and I have hundreds of them, but I dont want to create another one. I was faceless all my life, but now I am trying to have a virtual face.

Dashmaximalist is a dash MNO. Why invest here?He is a good guy, but his real interests are in Dash.
If he will support our cause he will only do it as charity, probably disguised.

Where are the rest PIVX Masternodes ? Where are the rest PIVX community members? They dont even vote here. Are we alone, the two of us? Where is the place where we can contact the community, and ask them about it. From their reaction we will know if our try is gonna be futile or not.


I use the Pivx slack more than anything.

Thank you for your work in here btw, I can say almost without a doubt that the money you are looking for to fund this project will be available.


In that case lets do it as soon as possible.

My only incentive is to give some of the money that are destroyed in every budget cycle to the poor people. Thats all I want. I dont care about Dash community or PIVX community or anything.

Whoever joins this goal, for whatever personal reason, he is my ally. And of course I will work for free, by employing all my (limited) abilities, in order to accomplish this goal.


So what shall we do with it?

Shall we use miniorange for sms-otp verification?

50 PIV are a lot of money, who is willing to fund this proposal?


Hi Demo,

3 Things, firstly. You copied the Dash proposal, word for word and were surprised you were banned for it?
Secondly, I think it is a good idea, details will need to be fleshed out and a non-plagiarized proposal submitted. I should join us in slack and bounce ideas off the community to get this proposal solid.
Lastly, I like the idea but I’d be more comfortable with this being run by the marketing team or by you after you have established yourself within the community.