International mass marketing with SMS OTP verification


Whats the problem with plagiarism? Are the dashforum threads copyrighted or something?
The idea is what matters, not the words explaining it.
And above the idea, what matters even more is the implementation of it.

One step beyong, I think you should copypaste all proposals and preproposals from the dashforum and the dashcentral, vote whatever you like, pay as much as you want, and ask people to implement them.

I am a free person, I belong neither to dash nor to pivx. Wherever I see something good, I want this to be implemented everywhere.

Of course I would be very glad if the marketing team gets involved in the SMS-OTP proposal.


So what about this?
Everybody agree.
But in order this to become a proposal in the budget and get funded, we have to find 50 PIV .
I offer 50% of my whole PIVX fortune, in order to be able to add this as proposal in the budget and get funded. Any other offer??

getfreedash is already there!!!
What about ???

You are too late. Too late. This is because the proposal fee is not adaptive in your budget. This hardcoded proposal fee prevents good proposals to enter into the budget.

You should not be afraid of the scam proposals that may ask for your vote, due to a low proposal fee. You should be afraid of the good proposals that are unable to ask for your vote, due to a high proposal fee.


getfreeDash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 4000+ signups.

getfreepiv is still out of order.


getfreeDash is going viral in venezuela. It crossed 7000+ signups.

getfreePiv is still out of order.


getfreeDash sms-otp initiative approved in dash budget system
450 dash (aprox 300000$) will be given to poor countries by using the sms one time password technology.

getfreePiv is still out of order.

The people who will receive the PIVX dividend should receive a phone call that are not supposed to answer or they might be charged for it, They will receive a missed call to their personal number, They will enter the last 4 digits of the phone number they received missed call from, in the getfreepiv web site. This is how one time password can work, without even having the cost of sending an sms!

This is a call, someone to offer 50 piv so that I will be able to propose in the PIV budget system.


getfreedash is going viral . 194 youtube tutorials.

SOS-VENEZEULA Mass Adoption Through an Economic Intervention in Cucuta, CO

Intriguing idea. Main concern is how to trust the persons or person distributing the funds.

In a semi-anonymous group like this such a group or individual would have to demonstrate their reliability before I’d trust them by voting for placing even a few hundred worth of USD per month.

But demo and whatever help he/she has can demonstrate trustworthiness somehow, sounds like a great plan.


A list of PIV addresses associated with a phone number is a nice (although imperfect) proof of individuality.
In case some masternode owners accuse you of posting fake addresses in the list, you may challenge them and ask them to randomly select some PIV addresses. Then you will reveal to an elected (by the masternodes) committee the corresponding phone numbers, in order for the commitee to call and confirm that these PIV addresses belong to real and separate individuals.


Can we have a more direct conversation over in our discord ( ?
I’d be interested in addressing this proposal although the forum format remains too dispersive.
Ping me on the discord @Buer - I’d love to have a chat.


Ok…, i will subscribe there and we will have a chat in discord


I am trying to send you a message on discord and it says:
Your message could not be delivered because you don’t share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient.


After dash’s implementation, also smartcash is planning to enter the dividend industry.


fraud detection in getfreedash.


Smartcash SMS-OTP proposal is about to fail.

38.15% Yes (667636.222801782)
61.85% No (1082431.14295586)
0.00% Abstain (0)


Getfreesmart proposal finnaly passed!

Yes (1724514.0303864)
No (1355081.0403253)



One-time passwords (OTPs) in Bulk SMS sent via SMS (text message) offer the convenience of using a mobile phone while adding the extra security for Customers. Mobile phones are one of the very few devices most people already carry it so , Easy to reachable to every one.


OTP stand for one time password and it is the main security tip to verify your address.
please click on below link

php interview questions


So what? Do you agree with the proposal or not?