Lets talk about #Wikileaks



What do you guys make of this insane dump? Will anything change are we doomed to being mice in a CIA controlled country?


Man we need more activity on PivX, yea it will make a difference. The CIA and all the other old dinosaurs that have been centralising power forever will come tumbling down. Late summer this year is when the economy crashes and takes the dollar with it, that’s been planned for a while or at least prepared for but I think they were hoping to replace it with some central digital currency, a decentralised system like crypto kinda fucks up that plan :wink: People like Assange and others are more likely to become Prime Ministers ten years from now as a new paradigm establishes it’s self. The blockchain technology will be used to create new forms of direct democracy where whole countries pretty much run alongside decentralised platforms similar to what’s going on here and elsewhere in the cryptospace. Exciting times we live in, not every day you get to see the old dinosaurs falling and being replaced with brand new animals :wink: