List Of VPS to host masternodes by @fadisaaida


Hi, as a new member of the pivx community, last week i witnessed something rather concerning in the masternodes. coinserver did a maintenance and ~30% of the total masternodes were offline for few hours, i think it is very important to try to decentralize our masternodes vps providers so it become more ddoss resistant. so i start here a list of cheap vps with good specs for mn, cheap is maximum 5-7$ per month. if you have other servers plz private message me with link so (@fadisaaida in the PIVX Slack) i can add it to the list. i start with with few i have already.

Reserved for VPS providers who accept PIVX:

  1. ( the 5$/m plan is very nice looking )
  2. (5$/m , 25GB ssd drive, 1gb drive, )
  3. (7$/m --> 20GB ssd, 6GB memore, 4 core )
  4. ( 5.99$/m for 20GB ssd drive)
  5. (5$/m , 768 MB memory, 50GB ssd, 1 TB bandwith)
  6. (6$/m, 1GB memory, 25GB ssd, 1 TB bandwith )
  7. ( 5$/m , 768 MB memory, 50GB ssd, 1 TB bandwith)
  8. ( 5.9e/m )
  9. (4$/m , 1GB memory, 30 GB ssd, 1 TB bandwith)
  10. ( starting from 3$/month )
  11. ( 5$/M 1GB memory, 20GB SSD, 2 TB

Hope this is of any help of new masternodes masters :slightly_smiling_face:

List Of VPS to host masternodes, will be updated each month

Thanks for posting, my forum newbie status didn’t allow me to post it :slight_smile:


that will change very soon…thanks for the content and keep up the great work @fadisaaida !


I would add:

#5 is good, hope grant can add it.

Unfortunatly Digitalocean 1GB ram cost 10$ a month which is higher than the max 7$/m i was aiming in the list.


Done @fadisaaida !!!


Amazon AW: offer free 1 year Amazon EC2, t2.micro instance . might be worth adding it also.


by the way, i recommend getting at least 2GB of RAM. i had started with just 1GB RAM on Digital Ocean, but it was just barely enough, and my masternode crashed and needed to be restarted. So I moved up to 2GB RAM and it has been running fine now.


djstone from slack also offering masternode hosting for the lazy,noob guys out there. he can help with setup etc…

10GB Disk for now.
10€ paid per Month in PIVX

Contact via Wire-Messenger @djstone or @djstone

#10 (4$/m, 1GB memory, 30 GB ssd, 1 TB bandwith)

Thanks for the mention.

If you need any help ordering we can always be reached by our contact page by just opening a ticket. Pay with Bitcoin, PayPal, or Credit Card. No hidden fees, no getting stuck in contracts (you pick your term), gigabit ports and locations in LA or Miami for diversification.



Thanks for posting! Keep up good job!


You can find cheap VPS Servers @Medha Hosting


Hello all,

I would like to add the Gin Platform. It’s been a great experience with fast, and reliable support/communication. They recently added Pivx within the last couple weeks and I can confirm it was painless and turnkey thus far.



we’d love to see you guys among our clients at CoinsHOST. We provide VPS hosting for masternodes, mining pools etc. and are proud to host and protect against DDoS attacks some of the big names of the digital currencies’ community.

Our servers are located exclusively in Zurich, Switzerland, same as our company.