Manifesto Upgrade Proposal


This proposal has been discussed twice in governance channel on Discord … Let’s drop it here for a few days and see if we can gather a little more genius. After a few days, I’ll paste the text or something more directly into the actual proposal channel.


How do we differentiate between; “code serving a primary function” and “code serving an ancillary function”?

What does this mean? “PIVX is dedicated to an advanced systems-theoretical, alliance-oriented approach towards optimizing our transaction and management models for interoperability, and social perfection.”

What does this mean? “Because of the inherent difficulty involved in representing reality with symbols such as cryptocurrency, it will be one of the primary endeavors of the PIVX team(s) to stabilize and substantiate the leverages of the system in such a way that real value is genuinely represented and managed in a well balanced fashion.”

What does this mean? “Careful use of modularity principles, multiple disciplines, correct models of economics, value and politics, multiple synergistic teams, and strategic structure that respects circumstance are crucial to the success of the cryptocurrency community.”


1: "How do we differentiate " it’s a manifesto, not a law book. Not the place to detail everything out. I already had tons of boohoos that the text was too long, so I cut and removed and cut and removed.

2: "What does this mean? “PIVX is dedicated " This is a detailing of fundamental points of strategy … good systems theory, use of partnerships/alliances with other tech groups, … with important goals of compatability with other systems and with the social demand/requirement.

3: A number is not a hamburger or a house … it’s a number … therefore, a currency model has the duty of connecting numbers to reality in a sane, equitable, safe, and fair/balanced manner … this is what generates trust in a currency model and makes it valuable. other words might be something like “PIVX is dedicated to fair incentivization in the system so that the numerics are constrained to represent genuine contribution to the system” … This sounds simple, but over time, we’ll discover how challenging it can be … especially with the market gaming problem.

4: “What does this mean? “Careful use of modularity principles, …” Dedication to correct mathematical and technological facts, principles, and knowledge-base and unity strategies" … This means that the group is not merely dedicated to tech in general, but is already aware of crucial tech. and information issues as fundamental requirements for crypto success.

There may be better ways to make these statements … anyone interested is welcome to toss the issues around.


My point is that the text used is very subjective and can be the victim of ‘word spin’. We need to avoid that, or it will weaken the Manifesto.


Clearly, one must strike a balance point between trying protect the future and over-constricting from the get-go.


Only you know what is meant exactly by those statements. The document needs to stand alone.


OK … I think the recent adjustments should satisfy your concerns. Look them over and let me know if you have any more concerns. :slight_smile: