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My name is Kristen Colwell and my professional background is in marketing research, search engine optimization, and social media community development. My husband Brian Colwell and I work with a variety of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, providing crypto-centric marketing and influencer support. My career has been focused on providing exceptional marketing results on limited budgets and within limited timeframes. Please see our LinkedIn profiles for more information and feel free to reach out with questions.

Brian’s background is in the financial world and he is an avid crypto researcher and twitter-er (@BrianDColwell - Crypto Hobbit). He had been following PIVX for some time when he reached out to Bryan Doreian regarding the privacy coin’s social media marketing. After months of discussion, I was brought in to begin a social media marketing experiment for PIVX to determine the value of different community building approaches. This proposal is based on findings from this experimental timeframe.

If the PIVX community chooses to engage Brian and I per this proposal, note that Brian’s role will include crypto influencer outreach and connection to professional crypto public relations and influencer marketing programs (as needed). My contributions will include interfacing with the PIVX team to share data, actively managing PIVX social channels, and creating content as needed for use on social channels.

Why Market Research & Amplification?
Digital marketing is powered by content, but without proper research and amplification, expensive efforts can fall flat. Market intelligence gathered using low or no-cost methods, then discussed openly with the community, can yield incredible insights into the types of content to produce and the kinds of questions people need answered en masse. Social media allows us to test and analyze behavior quickly, keeping the PIVX brand nimble and on-point as the broader cryptocurrency and privacy coin conversations continue to evolve.

Information is not enough, execution is critical. Windows of opportunity in the crypto conversation open & close quickly. Hence, the need for an unwavering focus on amplification of PIVX content to ensure strategic, wide distribution of the core message and calls to action.

In the world of amplification, all roads lead back to the home domain, so proper application of search engine marketing tactics means PIVX will generate more return on it’s content creation investment. Fast feedback and social conversation monitoring will ensure that PIVX can tactfully adjust messaging as needed to best suit the brand and its value in the marketplace.

The secret to being nimble while gathering and analyzing data is to learn and do at the same time. This is why market research and amplification are two elements that feed successful social media communities. No large and expensive studies to plan and implement, simply gather data as it occurs and listen to feedback from various points of view.

Ultimately, the formula for success from the social media standpoint for PIVX is:
(Content x Amplification) / Research-Based Adjustments

Based on the current state of the PIVX social media platform and its volume of content & content creators, I recommend that we make Market Research & Amplification a cornerstone of all marketing tactics.

I donated more than 120 hours of consulting time plus social media ad budgets so that I could demonstrate to the PIVX community that this proposed Marketing Research & Amplification strategy is worth the investment.

With great respect, I ask that the PIVX community allow me to dedicate my time to maximizing the use of PIVX-created and user-created content, while feeding data and insights back to the community for review and discussion, so that we can all drive the value of PIVX UP!!!

Our theory is that PIVX has a strong community and value proposition, but has not properly leveraged social media to reach critical mass in the cryptocurrency community.

We began by gathering performance data on the PIVX Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as analyzing SEO elements of These findings were shared as they were discovered with Bryan Doreian, s3v3ns, and a small group of PIVians for initial feedback.

In addition to external observation, we utilized free online tools from services such as ScreamingFrog, Moz, and Google to analyze the status of the PIVX domain’s SEO elements and it’s authority relative to its competitors. Some observations based on info from these tools include:

  • PIVX domain authority is extremely low relative to its competition.
  • PIVX website is missing critical (and fundamental) SEO elements such as descriptive Titles, proper use of H1s, and meta data.
  • PIVX Forum is underutilized.
  • The focus on driving community conversation to Discord is detracting from PIVX domain authority and search engine results page performance.

Based on initial research, we created “PIVX Community” social channels on Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter. The purpose of these channels was to share official PIVX content as well as user-created content, giving a boost to the brand across a variety of networks and keywords.

Due to the “newness” of the PIVX Community social channels and their lack of assistance from the primary PIVX accounts, we utilized some paid methods to open the algorithms and gain instant visibility. All ad funds and management fees were donated to PIVX by Brian and Kristen Colwell. Due to early success with very little funds, Bryan Doreian provided 330 PIV on 4/26/2018 to cover the spend and assist with future social media ad spend. See Project Costs section for breakdown on exact usage.

We tested various existing PIVX branded imagery and messaging, as well as creating and testing alternatives. We also sought out PIVX supporters on Twitter and Facebook, interacted with them as appropriate, built a Twitter list of “PIVians”, and promoted regional PIVX accounts.

In less than one month, the PIVX Community Facebook page surpassed the primary page in number of followers and impressions. The Twitter account achieved a Klout score of 60 in the same timeframe, just two points below the primary Twitter account. All this was done with minimal ad budget and significant “hands on keyboard” time in the social networks while researching news and mentions re: PIVX.

Primary PIVX Accounts:
We found that PIVX has a loyal core follower-base and the ability to create a variety of content types. However, there are some symptoms of “growing pains” such as lack of cross-channel promotion, a significant number of fake Twitter followers, and fundamental SEO issues with to name a few.

PIVX Community Accounts:
The PIVX Community accounts quickly gained traction will the use of various paid campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. Targeting focused on cryptocurrency as an interest, with various geographic targets tested. Core PIVX fans supported the PIVX Community effort, helping to expand organically as well.

Facebook Ad Details:

Some (not all) campaigns:

Social Media Stats Before & After Experimental Timeframe:

The PIVX brand has grown rapidly in a relatively short time, causing some growing pains. Generally, PIVX’s growing pains manifest as confused messaging and poor use of resources. However, there is a strong foundation in the brand and its core followers, so nothing that has been uncovered as a “weakness” is fatal. The time to adjust in now!

Market Research Check-Ins on Discord:
Consider enlisting me to provide expanded weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly social media and website performance data to the PIVX community within Discord to allow transparency and open the conversation to those with specific skillsets or experiences who can provide valuable input. It is important that these data-sharing activities remain simple, so that the information flows as quickly as possible. Therefore, no fancy reports required. Just screen shots as needed and discussion on specific performance indicators.

Social Media Community Development:
The primary PIVX accounts are in need of immediate follower maintenance. The Twitter account has a significant number of fake followers that must be slowly identified and blocked from the account. The Facebook page’s interaction is low considering the volume of followers, so targeted follower campaigns are recommended to freshen the follower base and touch markets that are currently underrepresented.

Worldwide PR:
PIVX does not currently have a significant PR presence as indicated by the lack of official press releases found in top newswire services. Again, this is a potential sign of growing pains, but should be addressed immediately. An official account with PR Newswire is recommended and an initial press release regarding care wallet update v3.1.x has been drafted for review. Public Relations is not part of this proposal, except that findings from our market research and amplification efforts may drive the direction of future releases. Therefore, the job of Marketing Research & Amplification is to provide actionable information to assist PIVX PR efforts. A separate proposal will be drafted to handle the public relations elements.

The foundation of this work plan is constant in-field research, followed by open discussion on tactics to help achieve common goals. Due to this constant flow of signals, the plan must adapt and grow as needed for the team to be as efficient as possible.

The following weekly plan is open to adjustment based on PIVX news releases and content specifics, but outlines my thought process on which tasks to execute when and for what purpose. The important takeaway now is that this first 60 days would be used to gather actionable insights while posting to and managing social channels.


Market Research & Amplification Consulting: $10,000/month (at $6.09/PIV as of 5/3/2018, equals 1,642.04 PIV)

  • Two crypto marketing consultants: Brian and Kristen Colwell
  • Social media management to grow the PIVX footprint
  • Content amplification to maximize search engine marketing results
  • Community development to mobilize raving fans
  • Analytics reporting to facilitate decision making and maximize budget usage
  • Marketing strategy input to assist in advancing the PIVX message worldwide

Note that consulting fees are denoted in USD, anticipating that the actual cost to PIVX will decrease as the value of PIV increases.

PIVX-supplied Ad Budget: 330 PIV
Cover Colwell-donated ad budgets: 56.58 PIV ($316.87 ad spend / $5.6 PIV value on 4/26)
Cover future Facebook and Twitter ad spend: ~$200/month
Follower campaign ($5 per day = $150/month)
Post boosts ($50 total = 10 boosts @ $5 each)

This ad budget has already been received and is currently in use on both the PIVX Community and primary PIVX Facebook pages as well as the PIVX Community Twitter account.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration of this proposal. My door is always open and my PIVX is always staked. Keep it purple.

Marketing and Advertising Proposal

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I definitely support this proposal.
I agree that we have a huge store of built up credibility and potential and that adding this team to the community is the right thing to do.


@CryptoKristen Looks like this post is outdated. But still I can help you with SEO and Translation.