Marketing and Advertising Proposal V2


This new proposal replaces the last one submitted for May super block voting cycle. We have included additional sample work done during late May by both Elysium and Veramis, and we have also provided clarification as to how budget will be managed.

June 10, 2018 Update: Added 3 new sample work by ElysiumcoreX and 1 new sample work by Veramis done during early June.

Marketing and Advertising Proposal

Primary goal of Phase 1

Communicate PIVX’s vision, mission, and its many benefits over other currencies via compelling creative content.

Key areas

  • Improve customer engagement and activities
  • Deliver a modern brand
  • Increase traffic to primary website and social channels

Increase brand awareness

  • Targeted content especially to penetrate new markets while having a strong brand personality through our social channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Reddit

Clean up brand image

  • Provide clean, modern, flat, and minimal design
  • Consistent designs across all channels (similar vibe, brand unification to deliver a compelling message)
  • Art Direction, Photography, and Typography

Explore and inform

  • Stay up to date on all aspect of the technology
  • Inform the user base of upcoming events, tech features, releases, and milestones
  • Create fun, informative content: infographics and later introduce animated content i.e. explain technology, create more elegant and rich media
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive catalog of easy to understand guides. Example: Guides to help people most effectively and conveniently invest, use existing and upcoming wallet features, and achieve the highest level of privacy
  • Digital and physical literature with messages aimed at key markets. Example: “Why PIVX?”, a 2-3 page digital brochure that condenses the use cases and rationale for using and integrating PIVX, that can be shared digitally or printed for events

Listen to feedback from user base / Core developers / support team

  • Use tools to monitor and measure metrics and discover what is being said
    about the brand
  • Listen and identify potential issues
  • Monitor and measure effective campaigns
  • Refine strategy based on proven numbers * We will collaborate with Kristen (Research & Content Amplification Proposal) as well as utilize our own metrics

User engagement

  • Engage with key influencers in crypto industry
  • Provide positive content and feedback
  • Deliver relevant content

Budget & Team

ElysiumcoreX: 20+ hrs a week: Social strategy, Creative direction, Art Direction, Design.

1,500 PIV a month

ElysiumcoreX is a creative director with 10+ years experience. He has worked at various top NYC creative agencies such as AKQA, Ogilvy, and Digitas, and on major brand name accounts such as AMEX, J.P. Morgan, and Pimco.

He is currently working in Japan in FinTech Design / UI / UX, Creative Direction, and is also a professional photographer who has shot at Tokyo Fashion Week. Some of his PIVX contributions include designing the latest PIVX Core Wallet and initiatives on the new website.

Veramis: 15+ hrs a week: Technical content, Strategy, Support.

350 PIV a month

Veramis is a sales manager by trade, and has been a content writer for the Unity project since January, 2018. He has been in the PIVX community since early 2017 and has also helped with PIVX marketing for a short time.

Some of his PIVX contributions: coordinated Ledger hardware wallet integration, FUDbusters content with Turtleflax and Fuzzbawls, and helped create privacy coin comparison chart data and 2018 Roadmap text.

Marketing Funds Pool

650 PIV a month

Discretionary funds pool for marketing and advertising opportunities. A detailed list of possible projects and prices will be made public to solicit feedback and allow people to donate to the marketing funds pool in general or towards specific projects.

Examples: Professionally made animations / videos, ads, press releases, engaging agencies/individual creatives, business development, major release campaign, etc. Managed by ElysiumcoreX.

Proposal Submission Fee

50 PIV

Proposal set to automatically re-submit for 12 months. The 50 PIV will go into the discretionary marketing funds pool for any months where there is no such fee.

Total: 2,550 PIV a month


  • A monthly progress report will be made publicly available. Finished deliverables will be catalogued for easy public review. Online feedback, user engagement, and growth metrics will be utilized to ensure we deliver the best product possible
  • A monthly accounting of funds will be made publicly available
  • Any excess funds will go to marketing funding pool and used solely for its purposes
  • Every 3 months compensation will be reevaluated. If PIVX value is steadily $4-8/PIV, compensation will not change. If steadily <$3.5, 50% more will be asked for. If steadily >$10, reduced by 33%. If price changes beyond these two thresholds, we would engage the community to see what would be fair compensation.

Sample Work

Link to compilation of high resolution images and sample work by Elysium and Veramis


Recent Work (early June):

Recent Work (late May):

Past Work:


Recent Work (early June):
  1. Draft for PIVX Newsletter - Issue 8

Recent Work (late May):

  1. PIVX Wikipedia-style article written and formatted in Wiki markup
  2. Blog post text (logo by Elysium): PIVX zDEX Well Positioned Against Potential Privacy Coin Regulation in Japan
  3. ELI5 (Explain It Like I’m 5) guides to submitting proposals on forum and blockchain, with formatting code cheat sheet. (Please note: A brand-consistent template would be designed by Elysium and used for such text content before public broadcasting)

Future Plans

After phase 1 is achieved, the foundation will have been laid to pursue later phases. It is necessary to update design and branding and create primary creative content before phase 2 and later can begin.

Phase 2

  • Engage professional marketing agency, for PR to effectively convey PIVX’s messages to the right audiences, and for media relations to secure media coverage
  • Collaborate with professional animation studios to create content that informs audience about PIVX as a brand and showcases its technologies with animation / illustration
  • Create comprehensive PIVX knowledge base as well as cleaner content via Medium

Phase 3

  • Engage users with the help of copywriters and community managers
  • Collaborate to enhance existing content creation with a similarly unified message
  • Comprehensive merchant adoption and partnership programs

Vote Details


Hash = 40077125f3a5ac40a5b3acebdf1b94496c7a7e260addcd77432678595f545efa

To vote yes:

mnbudget vote-many 40077125f3a5ac40a5b3acebdf1b94496c7a7e260addcd77432678595f545efa yes

To vote no:

mnbudget vote-many 40077125f3a5ac40a5b3acebdf1b94496c7a7e260addcd77432678595f545efa no

To check status:

Please see the PIVX Masternode Payments Information Webpage and look for the proposal with the hash above (we accidentally reused Marketing-and-Ads name, mnbudget getinfo shows first proposal’s information).

Marketing and Advertising Proposal
PIVX Ambassador Support and Localized Marketing Management

The title of this proposal is not really aligned with the ‘Phase 1’ content. It should be titled something like ‘Brand and Creative’. Phase 2 and 3 expand on this, but are also focused on creative. Should this proposal pass, it needs to be clear what authority the MNOs have voted in. Using a title that says one thing, and a description that something else, will confuse things. Please resolve this.

One of the main issues that has come up previously, was to do with copyright. @Rhubarbarian is happy to give copyright to the community, once a proper PIVX PACK is formed and @Cryptosi is working through those steps now.

Before I can vote for this proposal, I need to have assurances that all copyright will be given to the PACK once it is voted in, and the proper legal entity is formed. This includes any source files (For example *.eps and *.ai) for the brand/logo evolution and any creative produced, in addition to the vector/bitmap file formats exported from those source files. If you are unwilling to do this, it would be a major step backwards for PIVX, so please clarify.

I have other concerns, but this is a good start, and I know that the copyright issue was a big one for some people including @s3v3nh4cks, so let’s make sure it is addressed before moving on to other concerns.



These frames look great! I would love to help with this in any way shape or form :smile:

This gets a yes from me


I echo some of Eric’s concerns about being very clear where the intellectual property is being held and how it is being future-proofed. DAOs present special challenges that require bold and pioneering solutions. I believe we are headed in the right direction, and I look forward to seeing what the future brings with regard to the PACK.

At first, I was a bit nonplussed by the new branding look, but it’s growing on me. The “Z” in particular seems a bit complex in detail, and I wonder how well that will scale down into smaller image sets.

I just wanted to add that I love how far we’ve come in such a short period of time, and I acknowledge the tremendous efforts of those who have poured heart and soul into the PIVX Project as a whole to bring us to where we are today. Let us never forget the foundation upon which we are built.


This proposal has not been submitted, let alone passed. However, I am starting to see the ‘new’ zDEX logo ‘in the wild’. For example:

This should NOT be allowed for 2 reasons.

First, if the proposal does not pass, then the net effect is that this ‘new’ logo is not accepted, and has weakened/damaged the brand. I suggest a ‘watermark’ be placed over the proposal logo images in this proposal to stop it from being used further. As well, Marketing should be notified to WAIT with using it. Surely anyone we would consider to evolve the logo/brand would respect this and expect the same treatment when a new future proposal contains new logo/brand ideas too.

Second, it undermines the Governance process by not waiting for the MNOs to vote or for the community to provide feedback/input. We have already seen this happen with other proposals where large amounts of funds were spent, and management decisions were made, before there was even a vote. This needs to stop as it breaks Governance and therefore hurts PIVX significantly.


Another concern I have, is that in the past, there were 100’s, maybe even more than 1,000 different creatives made promptly to support anyone and anything requested.

I see @CryptoKristen and many others supporting the need for ‘fresh’ on brand creatives customized to the material being published.

Also, @ElysiumcoreX has stated; “What is the point of repeating old ads? Unless we have something new, solid, exciting i don’t see the point. We tend to spam .”

I am a bit confused by that, and it seems that there is resistance to providing the same quantity/delivery of ‘on demand custom branded creatives’ the community has come to expect.

To best clarify this, perhaps you can add a note explaining how many creative requests can be filled per month. I know you’ve included hours, but since we don’t know how much time a good creative takes, it is hard to know what to expect.



Something I have been wondering (because the word “community” is often referenced to support or negate a point) is where are the metrics on the word “community”? I have not seen any open voting system in place since my introduction to PIVX in March 2017. Perhaps we should all refrain from citing “community” support / deference unless there are metrics to back it up. i.e. discord polls / reddit polls / etc.


The outlined activities in the proposal is marketing and advertising (including paid advertising), however, the foundation must be built as well before we can shift predominantly to activities which more directly promote PIVX. The focus is creative in nature and to make sure PIVX has a modern, clean, and most importantly, consistent image, but marketing and advertising are the goals.

I have no desire or plans to retain ownership of designs. I am willing to adopt a suitable license or transfer the copyrights to any legal entity that seems capable of properly using the copyright as needed. I am willing to hand the copyright over to PACK assuming there are no vulnerabilities with the created PACK. The PACK concept hasn’t been fully documented based on what I can find and from what I understand talking with Cryptosi. Please clearly define the PACK that would be used for this purpose, so that it can be considered fairly.

Additionally, I believe that Creative Commons license with the terms of Non-Derivative, Non-Commercial, and Attribution is worth considering. Normally the copyright would go to the client if there is a question of copyright ownership, or a Creative Commons license would be used to ensure people can use the designs, but since this is a DAO, I understand these options may not be desirable to everyone.

Thanks for the questions. I hope I have answered them satisfactorily. If not please let me know.


This design is an evolution/collaborative effort by many core members of the community both in public and private channels. We went through several revisions in the process to create something that is unique and iconic. We took into account all the feedback, and the end result is what you see above. Based on the latest interaction with the community, we will continue to work together and in the end we will create a consistent design system that is on brand, clean, and elegant.
So far based on various feedback from social channels as well as comments, the work is well received.


We have received multiple requests for creating content, and have accepted most if not all of them. We have also received some that have close deadlines and completed them in a timely manner.
We do have to weigh the value and time needed of each item and prioritize accordingly versus other items already planned. This will mean that sometimes legitimate requests may have to be declined IF we cannot complete them in time, given the allowable time to complete it, and its priority in relation to the priority of other items already planned.

What is meant by this is that high frequency posting, and reusing old content over and over again, directed at the same people, is not the most effective way to market.

We welcome and actually need the community and other teams in PIVX to engage with us. No matter how well we may try to plan our efforts to promote PIVX, it will always need suggestions and requests from the community and other teams to be able to create the most relevant and effective content.

We will try to fulfill as many legitimate requests as we can within the desired or actual deadline. How many requests can be fulfilled per month depends highly upon the amount of work, review, and revision each require, and how they would be prioritized relative to other tasks already planned.
For some idea of the amount of work that can be done over time, the “Recent Work” section items were worked on and completed between May 21-May 31, 2018.


Re: This includes any source files (For example *.eps and *.ai) for the brand/logo evolution and any creative produced, in addition to the vector/bitmap file formats exported from those source files.

So, these source files will be available also?


I can assure you that Rhubarb Media has also not provided these files, and also has not submitted PR’s to the official repo on github where all media images and files should be publicly available. So I would hope that Elysium will do this as it was agreed last year that this would happen and never did.


Yes, the source files can be made available. If the community wants to make it available publicly such as on GitHub, I can clean up and release the files there. It would be useful to make work such as logos and anything requiring translations available in source files.

However, I do recommend the community to consider the risk of publicly releasing source files for more complicated work, as it can be used by other coins. Work containing fewer elements like logos would not have this risk.


Just adding my support for this proposal. This is the next level design PIVX needs, just look at the graphics

Two other big steps up are financial transparency which allows cost/benefit analysis of different endeavors, and open sourcing, licensing, and hosting the graphics to support community contributions


From the standpoint of collaboration and keeping the needs of PIVX at heart, @ElysiumcoreX has demonstrated a willingness to receive feedback on designs and explore alternatives. This is a surprisingly rare trait in the professional designers I’ve worked with in the past! LOL

Working with this designer will likely yield an interesting evolution of the brand. I’m watching closely!