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Hi PIVians,


Hi all,
I’m updating this to a second round proposal for a new 3-month cycle. The voting hash at the bottom of this page now reflects the new proposal.

As you may know, PIVX has been without several facets of an officially voted in marketing team these past few months. In that time, it’s fallen to active members of the marketing team to pull together and handle marketing as best they could, usually with no funding or self-funding. In this time, I’ve taken it upon myself to help direct efforts to keep marketing going alongside some dedicated PIVians. Until now this has been supported in part by contributions from generous PIVX core-team-members. This proposal is to have my efforts funded through the PIVX budget.

Who am I?

I, Strontium, am currently a member of the marketing, QA testing, and ambassadors formal teams, contributor in the BizDev and Summits informal teams, as well as being a mentor and admin on Discord. Qualification-wise I’ve a broad range of tertiary study up to the master’s level in fields such as English, New Media, Psychology, and Strategic Communication. Work-wise I’ve worked for a national top 10 newspaper in my home country, managed a team in a leading marketing and sales outsourcing company, and taught high-level professionals for various educational providers. I’ve also worked for PIVX since the start of this year, which has been full-time since April.

Efforts so far:

I’ve been a part of the following proposals

White Paper
See cover image Public release held back by devs for strategic reasons, but utilised in BizDev efforts

Test team
Ongoing efforts in which my roles are focused on UX/usability and documentation

Terminology/Style guide
See original and translated by Hanna’s translation team into various languages

Ongoing and steadily growing, such as with the recent introduction of CaptainJack as a sponsored Japanese influencer.

My efforts outside of the proposal system are numerous, but include

Spearheading of Blockfolio signal efforts (followed through with support by fellow core team PIVians)
Conception and orchestration of the ongoing dev marketing/awareness series marketing effort
Creation of a 7,200+ word Business Analysis and Strategy internal use document
See cover image.
Creation of a ~1,000 word organisational structure strategy internal use document
Creation of a ~10,000 word brand analysis document
See here
Working alongside random.zebra on UX/UI updates to the PIVX Core wallet.
Spearheading PIVX’s attendance at Provenance Seoul.
Updating and editing the website contents,
Ongoing creation of a Future-proofing surface level analysis internal use document (became 10k brand analysis)
Ongoing creation of a Brand guide document update

The problems PIVX faces:

While I cannot speak in-depth about solutions for strategic reasons, I’ve decided to shine light on some of the problems PIVX currently faces. I hope by doing so it can help bring confidence that I’m not without a plan moving forward.

Organisational disconnect

As a DAO, PIVX has had a rather loose structure through its life so far. Individual teams have operated mostly in isolation when compared to a traditional business. As such, releases have not had strategically planned campaigns, tones, voices, timelines, or outlines. While the general ‘please whip something up for tomorrow’s launch’ has served PIVX well enough to this point, there’s great room for improvement here.

These are but a few examples I hope can give some idea on where PIVX stands, demonstrating that it must adapt to proceed.

First-mover advantage

When a new niche is identified, the first business to occupy it gains a significant advantage over those to follow. This advantage allows for what’s called blue ocean strategy—marketing that assumes little to no resistance or threats from competition. Dash and Monero have been fortunate enough to have this advantage over PIVX.

The chasm

The chasm is a popular aspect of marketing theory that applies to technology. It can be represented by the graphic below


The chasm is a point in which the market shifts from early adoption to mainstream adoption, and many technology enterprises fail at this point. If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’re an early adopter of cryptocurrency. At this point strategies need to change—both in marketing and development—for a technology to advance into the mainstream. We can’t be marketing primarily to like-minded people, and we can’t expect to easily lure the competition’s supporters—the way forward is crossing the chasm.

This proposal:

My intention with this proposal is to officially take on a full-time role with PIVX as Marketing and Brand Strategist. I feel my breadth of skills and knowledge, strong relationships with PIVX the core team, and familiarity with PIVX place me in a unique position to suit this role. The following is a list of goals I have in mind

  • Promoting and utilising further intrateam and interteam communication between the marketing team and other teams
  • Unifying material put out by PIVX to adhere to the style guide and updated brand guide
  • Ensuring all official PIVX releases are proofread by someone capable, and that tech facts are checked with knowledgeable, respected core team members for accuracy
  • Managing and recording marketing material conception, creation, proofing, and release for accountability via spreadsheet or management software (depending on availability)
  • Refining PIVX’s image and limiting promotional material promote a more superior product image
  • Educating the masses on PIVX’s advanced technology
  • More aggressively attacking the competition with the support of a document of organised, dev-vetted tech facts
  • Developing cost-effective alternative marketing approaches that are low-effort, high-yield (guerrilla, controversial etc.)
  • Identifying and capitalising on unexplored marketing avenues and opportunities
  • Identifying and catering to specific audiences more often
  • Further capitalising on ambassadors and translators, as well as executing on marketing strategies for large international markets
  • Much more I prefer not to talk about due to sensitive nature

Initially I will draft up a marketing strategy document for internal use, which the marketing team will confer on and flesh out with the input of marketing team-members and other capable core PIVians.

The ask:

1000 PIV for myself per month for 3 months. I generally dedicate at least 8, but up to 16 hours per day to PIVX on weekdays, and 4-8 hours on weekends (more if something big is happening).

3000 PIV over 3 months + 60 PIV for proposal fee (rounded up for a multiple of 10 monthly payment)
TOTAL 3060 PIV over 3 months at 1020 per month

I hope to continue serving PIVX to the best of my abilities with the backing not only of the core team, but the community and governance system. Thanks for taking the time to consider the proposal.

-Strontium :space_invader:

“mnbudget vote-many 2246884cb4d0d70c76a2d88114f5603def07e531a7edef9d07af1e1ee957c4ad yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many 2246884cb4d0d70c76a2d88114f5603def07e531a7edef9d07af1e1ee957c4ad no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo 2246884cb4d0d70c76a2d88114f5603def07e531a7edef9d07af1e1ee957c4ad” to check the status
or "mnbudget getinfo MarketingStrategy2” to check the status


I think it’s very likely that PIVX would excel to new heights with a reinvented marketing strategy, making use of new talent within the community. The old marketing strategy did a great job getting us to where we are now, however I do not think it is the appropriate tone moving forward. In fact, I think the current marketing strategy is hurting PIVX more than helping. Given my own experience in branding & design, simply no amount of reports of people claiming to love the current marketing will convince me otherwise.

I hope you get this, Strontium. In my opinion, PIVX direly needs a new marketing strategy / overhaul. Otherwise, I think we are likely falling out of the top 100 until it does.


Thanks @jg1 :space_invader:


Hey PIVians!
Time for an update on efforts your supporting my proposal has brought about. As you probably know, I’ve dedicated this first month to getting the PIVX websites up-to-scratch.

- So far -

  • main menu items have been content updated to remove old info, edited, and organised
  • exchanges page has had icon images stylised and animated uniformly, and ordered by volume for visibility
  • white paper has been added and link will be maintained as new versions release

  • info on see-saw mechanism has been removed
  • rewards have been updated to reflect changes with zPoS update
  • links and masternode services have been updated and fixed
  • info on obtaining masternode has been updated

- Underway -

  • updates to all PIVX coin comparison graphics with @Rhubarbarian [CANADA]
  • preparations for zDEX release
  • preparations for Android zPIV wallet release
    Moving forward into plans for next month, with a much more presentable website in place my intentions are to
  • get the PIVX team page updated and more presentable (takes time due to participation)
  • work with various team-members to tie-in alliances and business developments into the PIVX website
  • further to the above, expand networking, social media mentions, and SEO from this
  • work with Hanna to get the website, and maybe white paper updated into key supported languages
  • work with the team to get the most out of our efforts and appearances in Korea

I’d also like to thank @Rhubarbarian [CANADA] in advance for his continued production of graphics, @jakiman for his efforts on twitter while @deejayem takes a break, and everyone else for keeping it purple.

As always, if you’ve got any questions for me, feel free to tag me or ping me.
Cheers all! :space_invader:


Hey PIVians!
While month 1 was all about getting the website and entry-points on brand, up-to-date on info, and improving the overall impression, month 2 will be highlighting partnerships and PIVX’s tech influences and contributions.

First, what I mean by ‘partnership’ is those projects and businesses PIVX directly deals with and has arrangements with. For the moment, these are most unanimously agreed to be zDEX and Observer. There are of course other projects that have ties with PIVX, and determining which of those are to be officially acknowledged in some capacity is going to be a big focus. Expect to see zDEX and Observer stuff on the PIVX website in the coming weeks, as well as other mutually-serving PR efforts to follow. Determining what else joins these will take longer, as negotiations within the team and outside of it will need more time and work.

Secondly PIVX has a great deal of clones/code forks. Acknowledging these is something PIVX can potentially do to highlight the fact that it is indeed the original, and the source of the code supporting these projects. Simply saying so may not be enough, however, and working with members on the team such as jakiman, Cryptosi, Fuzzbawls, and other, I’ll be working to pin down a procedure that leaves everyone satisfied.

Of course, other efforts such as press releases, team effort updates (which will be more in-depth next time), and collaborations with Rhubarb and our social media/community managers/translators will continue also.

I hope this gives you some idea what’s to come. As always feel free to ask any questions, make any suggestions, and give any feedback here or on Discord as you please.

Cheers! :space_invader:


This all sound great to me, we need more people knowing about this great project to gain adaptation