Marketing & Brand Audit - A&K


Hi All,

Angelo (and Kelsey) here. We’ve been longtime supporters of PIVX, love the project, community, and vision. We’re now in a place where we can selectively work with, and choose to support blockchain projects…and PIVX is our goto. Looking forward to being of use, and painting 2019 Purple with you all.

Proposal #3

We are proposing an in-depth marketing and branding audit to discover what marketing objectives are needed to best position PIVX in 2019 and map out the steps required.

Taking the time to assess what’s resonating with the community (and beyond) is a powerful investment to help bring PIVX closer to becoming the world’s #1 privacy coin. We believe this is an achievable goal with the right insights.

The audit will report on the following areas:

  • Analyze web traffic & social media data
  • Dissect what’s working and what’s not working
  • Assess messaging on all channels with a focus on
  • Sentiment analysis relative to similar projects
  • Create and distribute survey to PIVX community

Our study will seek to answer the following questions:

  • Is the messaging on PIVX’s website and marketing channels clear, simple and easy to understand?
  • Are people resonating with the PIVX message?
  • Which channels and efforts are producing the best results? Which areas need improvement?
  • How is PIVX performing relative to other privacy coins?
  • What can be done to increase the efficiency of PIVX’s message and further its reach?


We will provide an in-depth written report and a video overview discussing key findings and recommendations for community review.


5500 PIV (one time cost)

### Angelo Dodaro Bio

Angelo Dodaro is an advertising and marketing expert, entrepreneur and speaker with a special focus on blockchain and innovative technologies. He has spoken at the United Nations, Blockshow by CoinTelegraph (Las Vegas), Cryptospace (Moscow), Zero-In Tech Conference (Amsterdam) and many more events around the world on topics including blockchain technology and innovation in digital advertising.

Angelo is a trusted expert in the intersection between advertising, marketing and blockchain technology and has been covered in publications such as Forbes, CoinTelegraph, CBC, CTV, Strategy, Marketing Magazine, BBC, NullTX (formerly The Merkle) and more.

His work as a consultant has helped early-stage companies raise over $80 million in 2018 alone. While at Adbank, Angelo lead his team through “the most unique marketing campaign in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) history” that featured a viral video created by Emmy- nominated Zack Bornstein (SNL, Jimmy Kimmel). This was the springboard that helped Adbank get the attention of Fortune 500 companies and result in pilot campaigns of its blockchain advertising technology with the Austria National Tourism Office (ANTO), Red Bull Media and Adweek.

Angelo has consulted and advised companies such as Celsius Network, RedPen, Well, EVERY, Howdoo, 5th Element Group, and serves as a board member of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB).

Kelsey Cole Bio

Named by CoinTelegraph as a Leading Female in Crypto and a recent recipient of the Decade of Women’s Frontier Woman Award at the United nations, Kelsey Cole has become one of the most famous women in blockchain. With an award winning history as of PR in Canada & Marketing Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 Smartest Young Thinkers in Marketing, Kelsey Cole boasts a 10 year + career working on the biggest brands in the world. From product marketing at L’Oréal, to leading PR at Revlon Canada; Kelsey spent 6 years in corporate America before starting her own successful digital communications & advertising agency servicing clients like Tesla & TIFF. Kelsey is best known for her work as a creative, Canadian, technology thought leader and co-founder of the highly-buzzed-about Adbank.

Kelsey delivers keynotes on the marketing of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency adoption, digital advertising innovation, and tech for social good. She is a passionate and active advocate for female empowerment and gender parity and a leading female figure in the crypto space; landing her coverage in publications like Forbes and Coin Telegraph. Her work has lead to a collaboration with the United Nations to create more global dialogue around blockchain for the benefit of humanity and her role as co-founder and Creative Director of the SDG Impact Fund.


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I welcome this with open arms from some crazy skilled peeps!


This could have been broken up into a 2 or 3 month proposal, or delayed for a cycle (or two). Given that you have multiple other proposals up for voting right now that would undoubtedly affect the outcome of any marketing audit, it seems rather untimely to perform such an audit whilst at the same time contributing your own new efforts to what is being audited (leads to a rather narrow time frame to judge effectiveness).

Also, the combination of these multiple proposals has unfortunately resulted in pushing the summit’s budget out of the running, which will lead to PIVX having zero official presence at some very high profile events this next month (which will in turn have a negative effect on marketable announcements).


@Fuzzbawls I’m so sorry to see that this upset you. We have already spoken with @Snappy about post-poning these initiatives so the team can have a presence at these majorly important events. We were invited to submit all of those proposals and didn’t mean to offend anyone by competing.

We recognize the priorities of the community and are always happy to work for the greater good so that PIVX becomes the best place it can possibly be.

Sending you love, light, and hopefully the opportunity to represent us all out in the wild over the next few months! We are here when the community is ready for us <3



thx Chad!!! we love you!!!


Good points @Fuzzbawls. I wish the summits proposals would always go through. I’ve been a huge advocate for face to face interactions and bang for bucks, some of these events have made huge inroads. They are a key element to our education, brand, and adoption strategies. but we’ve had some success in seeing passed proposals get community support, so I hope that can happen. I will happily contribute if there’s a fundraiser. That said, what Kels and Ang bring to the table has been a need for a while. Let’s work together to see this be a win, win.


Hey all - providing a quick update here.

We have gained access to almost all PIVX assets needed and have begun competitive analysis in the meantime. If anyone has any suggestions of insights they’d like to gain or projects we should compare against, please leave a reply here.

Stay tuned for more!


Hey folks,

Providing a quick update here. Competitive analysis is still underway (the meatiest part of the report as it provides benchmarks on PIVX’s performance relative to the market). Our ETA for completion is approximately 4 weeks from now without unforeseen delays.

If anyone has any requests or suggestions on what to include that aren’t listed above, now is a great time to let us know.

Will circle back in 1-2 weeks when the next significant update is complete.


Hey everyone,

We are in the final stages of our report and preparing the presentation for release. Competitive analysis has been completed with some interesting insights already uncovered including how PIVX has weathered crypto winter relative to other privacy coins and what marketing initiatives seem to be producing results elsewhere in the market.

We are about two weeks behind from my previous ETA with hopes to release sooner if possible.

Looking forward to sharing more info very soon!


@PIVXpixie and I are pleased to deliver the finished marketing and brand audit presentation. It is a long video but I can assure you that it’s well worth the time. This is the product of over 50 hours of analysis, deliberation and debate over some of the macro and micro steps that we believe PIVX needs to get to the next level: