Masternode hosting, Linux sys admin and web hosting



Some of you might already know me from the support section of this forum.

I’m a sys admin specialized in Linux, I have my own hosting business and I can help you if you ever need assistance with Masternode hosting and setup, Webhosting or any OS issues within a Linux system.

I’m currently hosting Masternodes for 15$ a month (regardless of future pivx price) with full support (you won’t have to take care of any issues, just receiving and holding the rewards).

I’m also on slack, atbtc is my name there :wink:


Hey, can you direct me to a how-to for setting up a wallet on linux? Which one of these is it, and how do I run it?

~/Desktop/PIVX/Pivx-Qt-Linux32.64-Wallet-v2.1.6/Linux64 $ ls
pivx-cli pivxd pivx-qt pivx-tx

Excuse the newb Q, I’m new to Linux and PIVX :sweat_smile:

Thanks m8!


Sorry, found it:


You can find Linux hosting here