Masternode VS Staking


Quoted from slack


  • Better rewards
  • Ability to vote on proposals
  • Can be hosted away from your wallet


  • No startup time of 3-6 days like a MN.
  • Flexible (doesn’t have to be online 24/7 in order to not receive a cooldown period)"


Added more bits to it. :slight_smile:


  • Better rewards (in most cases)
  • More predictable profitability & payout rate by looking at the stat page
  • Ability to vote on proposals (although this may go away in the future)
  • Can be hosted away from your main wallet with the coins
  • Higher running cost due to higher resource requirement
  • Not the easiest to setup and troubleshoot when you run into issues
  • Require exactly 10,000 (10K) PIV to setup 1 masternode


  • Ease of setup. (just have coins in the wallet, put staking=1 in conf then unlock it to start staking)
  • No initial startup time (payout delay) unlike a masternode requiring 3-6 days when it’s first started.
  • Flexible (less penalty/delay for being offline for over an hour like a masternode)
  • No minimum or specific amount of PIV is needed to activate staking.
  • Unpredictable profitability & frequency of payout
  • Most likely less payout amount / frequency than masternode (due to higher competition & lower block reward)


Master-node vc Staking rewards is a ever changing ratio because of the see saw algorithm, that is designed to promote balance between MNs and Miners, and thus more network integrity and participation. Have a node and 10k tokens staking to compare, and in the last couple days MN rewards dropped 0.54pivx and staking rewards remained the same…
This is interesting because as I am receiving rewards, those coins should go to the “stake” stash, therefore increasing staking rewards, but it´s not the case. Is the network only considering the initial stash from the very beginning of the staking process?
Do you guys reckon I need to re stake every time I get a payout so the system now “sees” the new number of coins?


I might be wrong, but shoudn’t it be “3-6 days unlike a masternode” and “over an hour unlike a masternode”?
You could also add “Staking: + Can setup to stake with any amount of PIVs” | Masternode: - Needs 10.000 PIVs to setup a masternode."


True. Staking has no minimum.


The current “PIVX Masternode Payments Information V1” on says following:

Reward from last Block for Miners/Stakers: 6.62 PIV
Reward from last Block for Masternodes: 6.88 PIV

  1. If I Stake 30k PIV on 1 normal Wallet, can I then expect to get daily 19.86 (3*6.62) PIV?
  2. If I have 3 Masternodes, can I then expect to get daily 20.64 (3*6.88) PIV?
  3. With which method (staking/masternode) is the CHANCE higher to get the above stated rewards?

Thanks for your help!


Mmmm… I believe that the newly minted coins will be included in the staking amount in the cycle following the cycle after the award was issued. We would need some clarification on this…


This reward aren’t daily.
You can calculate your return at :slight_smile:


So i have been staking for 2 weeks now, i get nothing.




“validtime” : true,
“haveconnections” : true,
“walletunlocked” : true,
“mintablecoins” : true,
“enoughcoins” : true,
“mnsync” : true