MMA sponsorship + PIVXsports media channel


PIVXsports: PIVX MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Proposal

This overview/proposal would cover the following:

  1. Establishment of a PIVX branded PIVXsports media outlet (initially covering MMA fights, performing pre/post interviews with athletes, attendees, etc)

  2. Direct access to Top-Ranked MMA fighters

  3. Access to Bellator Press Passes

  4. These are SUPER exclusive press passes that allow a cameraman/crew to be ringside as well as grants pre/post fight interviews.

  5. recorded video footage from MMA fights monthly for distribution

  6. Pictures, comments, available for social media distribution

  7. PIVXsports branded / sponsored / splashscreen videos on a major MMA news outlet that produce 2-3 videos a week, over 60MM views.

  8. The outlet has 2 channels: 1 has 160k+ followers, the other has16k followers

  9. Videos average 7-10k views per video, often hitting 20-30k views per video

PIVXsports would have a PRO PIVX individual (filming, taking pictures, doing interviews pre/post fights) at MMA fights, wearing PIVX gear, performing the interviews, creating content, and working directly with the MMA news outlet to provide PIVX news, content, etc.

PIVXsports MMA Representative:


Mike is a Muai fighter connected to the MMA community in Northern and Southern CA.

Recent examples of MMA media work include:

  • Pre and post media for Bellator 206 with interviews from Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Wanderlei Silva, among other well known fighters. (Available upon request).

  • UFC 229 Khabib vs. Mcgregor- Post fight interview with Khabib’s head striking coaches at American Kickboxing Academy (very difficult interview to get).

The Problem:

Spending too much money on individual fighters as it limits the exposure of the PIVX brand.

The Solution:

Sponsor a major MMA News community to ensure every viewer sees PIVX on every video.


Mike is able to obtain Bellator Press Passes that provide cageside cameras as well as pre/post fight interviews. Through his relationship with the largest MMA news site in Russia.

The page owner is interested in exploring a sponsorship with PIVX. In addition to getting our banner on every intro, the funds would be used to attend fights of the communities choice. These events are critical, as we can interview fighters live on PPV while wearing PIVX gear!

Cost (includes cost of travel for one additional cameraman):


3,500 PIVX/monthly = 1 MMA event a month (12 MMA events, event recordings and photos, pre/post fight interviews, PIVX presence at all, etc)

5,000 PIVX/Quarter = 1MMA event a quarter (4 event recordings and photos, pre/post ight interviews, PIVX presence at all, etc)


  • PIVX Splash / cobranded onto every video onto the MMA news outlet videos (2-3x a week).
  • PIVX social media/hashtag engagement online from Blood and Sweat News
  • Entire MMA arm of PIVXsports managed (so, photos, event documentation, copy for press releases, interviews, etc).