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Hi All,

Angelo (and Kelsey) here. We’ve been longtime supporters of PIVX, love the project, community, and vision. We’re now in a place where we can selectively work with, and choose to support blockchain projects…and PIVX is our goto. Looking forward to being of use, and painting 2019 Purple with you all.

This is part II of our proposals


As one of the most productive and innovative projects in crypto, we are proposing a plan to bring wider awareness to PIVX’s accomplishments through the following efforts:

  • Focus on one story per month highlighting PIVX innovation and industry leadership
  • Create a press release & distribute to over 25 media outlets generating up to 10M impressions ([SEE THE LIST OF OUTLETS TO PITCH HERE]
  • Manage any incoming media requests
  • Allocate 50% of budget to press release distribution expenses such as:

We will communicate with the PIVX team to align on key upcoming announcements and create a roll out plan to bring attention to one achievement each month.


3000 PIV a month
Duration: 3 months

Total PIV- 9k (over 3 months).

Our plan is to be here for the long haul, but want to ensure in 3 months the community can re-evaluate as well as we can adjust the PIV amount as the price of PIVX changes).


This project will be managed by Multivitamin Media, a Canadian company owned and operated by experienced crypto marketers Angelo Dodaro and Kelsey Cole. The duo have worked with companies such as Celsius Network (founded by VoIP inventor), Cool Cousin and launched the successful Adbank ICO featuring a viral video they produced in collaboration with SNL writer and Emmy-nominated Zack Bornstein.

Before starting her own agency and entering the crypto industry, Kelsey Cole was an award winning marketing & PR professional working with global brands such as Revlon, L’Oreal and Aveda where she earned a spot on multiple Top 30 Under 30 lists. Her global work for gender equality and passion for impact lead to her recent receipt of the Frontier Women Award presented at the United Nations on International Peace Day.

“It’s quite rare to find someone with real marketing chops who also truly understands the crypto space. Angelo & Kelsey have a deep skillset across pretty much every marketing channel combined with a deep strategic side to quickly make a huge impact. Any project would be lucky to have them helping out.”

  • Keith Baumwald, CMO of Celsius Network


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Great to see you guys here,

3000piv per month seems quite steep for 1 press release, even if we take into account half spent on advertising fees, so 1500 for 1 press release and a monthly ‘story’? Im absolutely lost as to what that could mean.

Could you also give an example of what your reporting will look like and let us know how often you will be reporting.

I know some of us here know you quite well, but thats no excuse for us to let your first proposal pass without the customary grilling.



I would love (being on the other side of things) to have someone be the defacto point for communication in and out…

meaning: They could help Coordinate with influencers, bloggers, etc to get the word out (for example as news is being prepared internally to go out, work is done in advance with the agencies, you-tubers, etc to let them know (could be email/etc notifications), as well as mange requests coming in from outside groups.

SUPER excited to see this duo come in!


The greater expense comes from paying to post the release on the Wire. Can range in price. We have Optical88 writing foundational releases now under his coming proposal, but to manage it all, coordinate with creatives, etc and get it out there wider, costs and in my mind is worth it at this stage in the game. We’ve never pour funds into major marketing initiatives. TIme to go big!!


Hey Cryptosi,

Happy to break it down more for you. There’s a lot that goes into brainstorming, crafting and executing on the release of a story. I can also give an idea of what a sort of “industry standard” is.

I should first clarify that I like to use the word “story” instead of press release because we approach it from an editorial standpoint, aka thinking more like a journalist. This means we don’t create a dry, boring press releases that a lot of companies still put out…and get crickets for response.

Finding opportunities for stories that have a shot at getting press attention has a lot of upfront and ongoing work behind the scenes that includes:

  • Researching the project in depth to find angles
  • Communication with dev team (and potentially community in this case as well)
  • Crafting unique angles that are timely and relevant to roadmap
  • Creating work-back schedule of selected story angles
  • Internal team meetings to flesh out content, headline and execution
  • Drafting press releases & getting approvals
  • Distribution: the actual time it takes to get the press release to every outlet alone can take a couple hours of communicating back and forth with wire services and sponsored content outlets (for some reason many have archaic processes that don’t help in this department)
  • Communicating results back to the client

Finding a great hook and angle that appeals beyond the existing community can be a difficult challenge. We find investing the time to find the right ones and investing in getting them traction over the course of a month yields the best results.

So how much does PR cost normally?

A smaller agency (like us) will typically charge in the neighbourhood of $2500-5000, without any wire or distribution fees included. A mid-sized PR firm, similar to what Adbank used, is $5000+ without any wire or distribution fees included and we had a special deal with them where we still wrote the releases to bring the cost down.

In the crypto world, the biggest firm is Wachsman and they are $30,000/month. While they are incredibly connected, they also have a lot of clients fighting for the same amount of opportunities.

Our fee works out to 1500 PIV a month (gross) with the rest being allocated to distribution costs. Based on PIV at $0.71, that works out to $1065 USD (double that with distribution expenses). This would put our fee at almost 60% beneath the low end outlined above, and you guys get the benefit of working with proven talent inside and outside of the crypto space.

So why add the distribution costs? In a typical client scenario this would be billed back or paid direct by the client on their credit card…tough to do here but that’s the beauty of decentralization!

The other reason…and, IMO, the much bigger one…is we need some fuel to be able to throw on the fire to guarantee some level of coverage for any announcement. The crypto media is quite savage in the sense that virtually everything is pay-to-pay for projects.

This is the dark side of crypto media that’s rarely discussed that we know all too well from our experience thus far. We’ve spent the money to know which sites are delivering value and which are a total waste, and we’re going to use that knowledge to make this budget stretch as far as humanly possible.

This also makes a more compelling case for the creative type of PR that we do…we craft the story and hand it to journalists and we’re very good at telling stories for brands. This helps us get attention easier while maintaining some level of control over the narrative by making it a little more “paint by numbers”. If we don’t get much in the way of traditional “pickup” over the wire, we can be flexible and allocate more budget to sponsored content and run with that. That flexibility is a powerful tool for us to prepare for the unforeseen.

Hope that helps!


Hey all! Providing a quick status update here.

Great news…the first week of PR work happened during the fake stake attack report which gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves right off the bat by working with the dev team to create a statement.

The statement is awaiting translations currently and will go live immediately upon completion.

Our first story is under way that will focus on the environmental impacts of bitcoin and proof of work. Media loves doom and gloom stories right now in crypto so this is a great angle that presents a uniquely positive spin for PIVX.

More to come soon!


Hi folks!

Providing a quick update here. Our team put together a statement on short notice to address the fake stake attack claim by the University of Illinois from statements made by the dev team in Discord. Unfortunately we have not been able to release yet to get ahead of the news as the dev team has requested to hold off until a completed fix has been released. We are ready to go as soon as we get the go ahead and look forward to showing the world that PIVX continues to be a leader in proof of stake and privacy.

For those with access to the PIVX ClickUp, you can now track the progress of press releases by our team in the Communications/Marketing space.

Will circle back when we’ve hit our next milestone!


Hi all,

We had to pull the previous release due to significant developments with the fake stakes report. A new release is in the works around PIVX’s initiatives with the UN spearheaded by Snappy. Will post a link when complete.


The first press release has gone live and has already been reshared by nearly 200 media outlets. It featured an original quote from a UN official that paints a very optimistic future for blockchain with a great PIVX tie in.