My PIVX wallet is not opening


I haven’t had that issue before, but I’d try adding these lines to your pivx.conf file:

rpcuser=long random username
rpcpassword=longer random password

As for Mutisend, it is used in case you want to split rewards between different addresses (in case you bought your stack with a friend and want to send him a % of the rewards automatically).


ATBTC, can you let us know briefly what is the benefit to adding these line items to the pivx.conf file? I hear of many users adding lines to it, but most only have staking=1. Do you have a masternode, and do any of these lines support that? I am only staking right now, until I get my Raspberry Pi server going in a few days. As always, thank you.


I’d love to tell you but I really don’t have that answer. All I know is that my staking wasn’t working either and it started working right after I added the same lines that I use for masternode. Yes, I do have some masternodes and those lines support their operation.


I see. Yea, it may have to be due to the fact that you needed it to support your masternode. When I set up mine in a few days, I may run into the same problem. Do you have an address where I can send you a PIVX donation for all your advice? Thanks…


Always a pleasure to help in order to get more people involved! You can click on the big A beside my name and it will show you my address :slight_smile:


Thank you ATBTC.

I have added those parameters, and subsequently the pivx-qt appears to close and re-open without corrupting the DB or locally cached chainstate.

Maybe the GitHub reference implementation should be updated to include the required basic set of parameters (and I may try and see if that is a recommendations/pull I can do myself, or at least report the experiences I have had there).

Thanks again, and now that my wallet is in good health I can certainly make use of your tip address(!)


Awesome! Always my pleasure to help and make PIVX great


i have 200 pivx on my wallet but my wallet doesnt oppen it says the same like the liem i tried everything and doesnt can i restore my wallet please.


Same here. I have totally given up on their wallet. It seems like really old technology. When it was working this morning I did a test transfer of a super small amount. Good thing. Never received.


Have this problem with mac. How can i rename the blocks folder? Please help


Very easy, just do this:

  1. Download

  2. Copy and replace the folders: blocks and chainstate

  3. Restart wallet



I can not find the block folder with the finder. I can see the bloks folder with Chome but can not delete it or replace it.
With what program can I delete and replace?
Thanks for the help


Yo should find the blocks and chainstate folder in here: ~/Library/Application Support/PIVX. Finder should do the trick, if not, you can use the command line (terminal)


Ok done,
Thank you very mucho


I have the same issue. Hope to see the reply soon.

I tried the PIVX-fix pic, but same issue. Trying again now.


Hi, I have the same problem: “pivx-qt.exe has stopped working”
1* Downloaded PIVX wallet > Installed
2* Made PassPhrase > Waited ~5min > Run again > “pivx-qt.exe has stopped working”
3* Copied folders “/” | blocks and chainstate > Still had message “pivx-qt.exe has stopped working”
4* renamed “blocks_old” > And now i have this problem… [Image]

Did this multiple times Clean uninstall etc. But with no success…

*Any idea what i did wrong?



I cannot start my pivx wallet. Where can I download the blocks?



Hello! Not possible to download anymore… you would need to delete the blocks and chainstate folders in order for the wallet to download them again. Once downloaded, make a backup of those two for the future.


I have the same problem, I’ve tried most of the stuff in this thread. Also i have already invested heavily in this so pretty worried rite now.


I suggest to try KrojamSoft BatchRename