October 2018 Budget Maximizing


Dear All,
This last-minute proposal is aimed to provide extra funding for the proposals Q4 2018 PIVXSummits and Creative Design Support .

3257 PIVX are currently left to be claimed, with only a few hours till this cycle’s submission deadline. Let’s put them to good use! With this proposal, I aim to collect 3250 PIVX out of our monthly coffers which would otherwise go unclaimed.

This budget will namely go toward the production and delivery of PIVX merchandise and other promotional material for the 4 (yes FOUR) upcoming events PIVX will be attending:

“World Crypto Con” in Las Vegas, Nevada | 31 Oct - 2 Nov: https://pivx.events/event/wwc-2018/
“Malta Blockchain Summit” in Valletta, Malta | 31 Oct - 2 Nov: https://pivx.events/event/malta-blockchain-summit/
“WebSummit 2018” in Lisbon, Portugal | 5 - 8 Nov: [Press release by this evening]
“Provenance Blockchain Summit” in Seoul, South Korea | 20 Nov: https://pivx.org/pivx-provenance-summit-seoul-2018/

WWC, in particular, was only confirmed yesterday evening so the team will need to be working day and night to get everything prepared in time.

We have calculated we will need:

  • two new pop-up banners (one ENG, other KR)
  • 200 x3 (?) PIVX Business Cards (fuzzbawls, furszy, jakiman, others[?])
  • t-shirts, caps, pens, pins, stickers, flyers

Everything will need to be produced and distributed in various parts of the world (we expect at least 3 separate orders in US/Canada, Europe and South Korea).

We are trying to keep the expenses at a minimum by reusing various promotional objects in multiple venues (e.g. one ENG banner will be displayed in Las Vegas, then taken by fuzzbawls and utilised in Seoul) but if we truly want to live up to our “community-centric” motto this is the right path we must pursue.

!! UPDATE !!

Since this proposal is directly contending with John M’s Head of BizDev Round 3 we have agreed that should this proposal pass instead of his 2000 of the 3250 PIV will be granted back to John M as if his proposal was funded.

The remainder will be distributed along the terms previously described:

30% of this budget will be going toward Rhubarb Media for their continued support and dedication in the production of marketing material in the past, and to redesign new merchandise as our sticker sheets and brand new flyers.

Circa 20% of this amount will cover travel and lodging expenses for our core developer fuzzbawls for the WCC Las Vegas event.

We expect the cumulative expense for schwag to be around the 2000 USD mark which will, therefore, account for the remainder of this budget and what’s left of the https://forum.pivx.org/t/pivx-summits-extra/ treasury.


Name: 1018BudgetMax
Hash: c6bba7893a9aa064cb3398d503afb2dc7e96848a672188f2a3a4fae31af9dfd9

mnbudgetvote many c6bba7893a9aa064cb3398d503afb2dc7e96848a672188f2a3a4fae31af9dfd9 yes
to vote in favor

mnbudget vote-many c6bba7893a9aa064cb3398d503afb2dc7e96848a672188f2a3a4fae31af9dfd9 no
to vote against

mnbudget getinfo 1018BudgetMax
to check the status


Thanks for the great support @Buer :purple_heart: