Official Steemit account @pivx


Hey guys the proposal for an official managed steemit account is active.

Here’s the pre-discussion

And here is the proposal information

and just incase you cant be bothered to read all of that here’s a very quick rundown of key points

  • Steemit account is already active and level 52, being run by me CryptoSI with some help from elisha and decentralized it can be found here

  • 200 PIV per month will be the compensation paid to the team or individual who takes over the account, I personally will not be accepting this payment, so the longer I’m the charge the longer the bonus for the first team will grow, at a rate of 200PIV per month.

  • All earnings from this steemit account will go towards powering up the account until we reach level 65 or 70, but this is my personal wish and subject to change in other peoples proposals should they submit one

  • there will be 1 post and 10 comments every 48hr period from the account, and upvoting on pivx related articles as often as possible to gain those tiny curation rewards, every little helps

  • Proposal is for one month

  • This will be the first decentralised account on Steemit and another example of why our governance model is helping us to build rapidly and incorporate the best cutting edge technology

Funding for this proposal is 200 PIV per month, for 1 month.
We are also asking for an additional 50 PIV for reimbursement of proposal submission fees.

Vote Details
mnbudget vote-many 0578e3e516653fe166356cbef8dfe34c10073bf0a0b401a13613711da087daa2 yes
(to vote in favor)

mnbudget vote-many 0578e3e516653fe166356cbef8dfe34c10073bf0a0b401a13613711da087daa2 no
(to vote against

mnbudget getinfo PIVX-Steemit (to check the status)

Alliance funding part 2 - pre-proposal discussion
Alliance funding Proposal

Good proposal… :slight_smile:


I like it! I’m interested. :slight_smile: I am the Mascot after all :stuck_out_tongue:


Yuuusssss. I need more content to put into the realm of Steem! I’m getting bored of writing my own stuff lol


How will the account itself be managed to insure it’s legitimacy with PiVX, will you personally hold the recovery inf?

BTW if this can be all sorted out, the idea of having a self fueled account whilst building a greater audience/cap for PIVX is a wonderful idea! I can faintly hear the bell of “sustainability” in the background now.


Yes this is the first of 3 initiatives I have to build sustainable projects in PIVX, the other 2 are co-operative business funding and consensus based syllabuses, but first to walk before we can run.

Yes me and 2 other people will hold the password info, but this will change everytime we find new management for the account, so there are holder and unrelated backup holders and the password will be regenerated for each new manager so old people cannot leave the project then leak the passwords for the account.


Very cool, I am interested.


I’d be willing to run it, and put in more PIV for startup fee’s if needed, does look like its gathering much votes here but couldn’t it be done either way.


come and join our slack, there is a #pivx_steemit channel or something similar we should start to work together on these things, as I’m not sure I’ve seen you around the community before?


Nice, just joined the slack but will have to go to bed soon. And now I’m new to the forums but have been holding PIVX for relativley long time because i think it’s one of the best crypto projects out there.