PIVX Ambassador Support and Marketing


The official PIVX Ambassador Program established in the fall of 2017 as an early stage marketing initiative came to fruition in 2018 and with the help of some PIVX champions. Since then, there are now 21 Official PIVX Ambassadors. It’s had some funding early on and then privately funded in the summer of 2018. The rest of the time, Chad has volunteered his time and creativity to the program. We present this proposal on behalf of all our PIVX Ambassadors.

To continue to serve as an official PIVX support and care team, empowering, managing and equipping them in there endeavor to share PIVX in their region via events (meetups and larger events), one-on-ones, merchant adoption goals.

We also will support their efforts in delivering awesome, relevant and impacting content every week for PIVX main marketing as well as serving the local community channels. Gathering stories from Meet-ups and merchant relations working closely with the main PR team.

The 2nd phase goal is developing regional marketing teams to include hyper-local content, aiming to work with local artists and content creators to deliver the marketing materials in their language and voice as well as using images appropriate to their culture. Grow the marketing team!

This can be seen in our work with Ziscad (Japanese and Korean creative) Working with One Zetty (PIVXpress/Espaniol, meetups, merchant adoption, etc) Jeffrey in South Africa, (How Fast is your Crypto?, merchant adoption and videos, etc.)JoaquimF [Brasil] and Cacalillos [Colombia], javieralexvr [VE] We hope to use these as the case study to then find others in the regions where we have an Ambassador present. This includes funds to pay them.

We will continue to develop and protect the PIVX brand and its message by helping PIVX continue to progress with global brand awareness and product acceptance via designs for social media, prints, product designs, merchandise, videos, event marketing, sponsorships, newsletters, and more strengthening the market with a localized Strategy.

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Overview of the program
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Chad and his work are now seen as thought leaders and brand experts around the globe, with crypto-investors and blockchain projects approaching us due to the success and impact of brand marketing. We have over the past year and a half increased our capacity to facilitate for the continued growth following our successful rebrand in January 2017. Our goal is to continue to develop and convey the PIVX brand to the market with a cohesive, creative, professional, and approachable message to ensure PIVX takes the next leap forward, and support the other emerging arms of forums, social, marketing, PR, video and paid promotion.

Value Drivers:
Rhubarb Media is a creative studio with 14 years of experience in local, regional and global companies and Chad, the Creative Director comes with over 25 years working in the creative communications market.

We gave birth to the PIVX name and brand and delivered the creative designs contributing to PIVX’s rapid growth along with a dedicated support team.

We also bring a strong strategic communications background in looking at new ways to market PIVX and improve our offerings as well as a strong dedication to maximizing our efforts and stretching the PIVX budget by equipping and empowering PIVians around the globe.

In addition, and perhaps harder to quantify, is the work that occurs “outside” the scope of brand development and creative. Although we spend a lot of time in production, because of our visibly, we are also a gateway to new investors. We are some of PIVX’s most vocal supporters and sales force bringing PIVX a ROI, not often attributed to our creative work.

The following is a breakout of the various levels of managing and supporting the Ambassador Program, the costs associated with each component, the people and team members involved

We will continue to utilize and expand upon utilizing Teamwork, our online tool for keeping all individuals and teams accountable and on task. Reports will be available on the forum and via the PIVX Ambassador channel.

Monthly audio call scrums (15 mins) with Ambassador team as they can attend.

21 PIVX Ambassadors (thus far):
Go to www.pivxambassadors.com

  • Advisors
    PAP Support Team

Chad Ballantyne - Manager and Design
Role: Coordinate the onboarding of new Ambassadors. Educate and provide tools wit the help of experienced PAs for success (How to run a Meetup, sales sheets for Merchant intros and setting them up with PIVX wallets. Support PAs is any design needs for events, merchant support, or localized marketing efforts via community social channels. Graphic Designer. Community manager.

PAP Core Advisors
OneZetty and Jeffrey

Creative Support
Jeni Ball
Roles: Design support

Joelle Crossley
Role: Project Management

Categories supported in this proposal

BUDGETS - PIVX Ambassador Program
Total Budget for PIVX ambassador program, including project management
• 3000 PIVX/month

40% of Funds will be used as compensation to help support ambassadors globally. Aiming for P50/mth as they run meet-ups, engage with Merchants, buy products, rent space, spend time, etc. Specific criteria and guidelines have been developed as well as some tips for merchants are in the works. How to run a Meetup and other key resources will be added to the Ambassador part of the site.

  • 1200 PIV/ Mth.

20% of Funds for social media competitions and giveaways/influencer competitions/giveaways for regional channels, including some PIVX wear.
The PURPLE BOX. (T-shirts, stickers, pens, pins hats)

  • 600 PIV/mth

Creative Support for Localized Marketing Strategy and Ambassador management
40% of funds for management and content creation both in-house and working with local designers in other regions to support the regional efforts as well as the time to manage existing Ambassadors and to recruit, onboard and train new Ambassadors
• 1200 PIVX/month

We will continue to provide timely creative for Ambassadors including:
Electronic Documents, PPT templates, etc. for Conferences and Trade Shows to support local Ambassadors
Illustrations, Social Media Designs – Designs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., Merchant Graphics (PIVX Accepted here, stickers, info cards, etc.). Regional Video production support.

Creative Advertisement for print as needed for regional marketing as well as main PIVX marketing as needed.
Merchant Adverts for signage, window wraps, etc.

Video Production support/training included in the Creative Content Support budget
For Sponsorship marketing - Chad will collect sponsorship videos and compile them for marketing purposes - compilation, editing, and marketing.

Creative Support included with the Creative Content Support budget
For equipping the athletes with the PIVX branded wear and other materials they need.

With much Purple Love,
Chad Ballantyne and Ambassador Team

Proposal name: AmbassadorSupport

Vote YES
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Chad (Rhubarbarian) always support me, and this funding this proposal will help me to keep working in more expansion, not only in Cancun (my home city) but all latin america.

Recently we were able to have ambassador from Cuba and organize the first meetup in La Habana (¡Realizamos el primer MeetUp de PIVX en Cuba!), sponsor a podcaster from Venezuela and more activities and was because Chad was always able to help me and other, and make the spanish community bigger on the PIVX Discord, and all this was because I always had the Chad’s support (and funds).

I think this proposal needs to be funded, because help the community, is one of the most important mission of the PIVX and one of the things I love more about PIVX. :purple_heart:


Would love to get things rolling in Singapore. Basic funding would be a great start to get our first meetup going! i can contribute by assisting with basic marketing and awareness.


Good day Pivians!

[On Discord I am “Jan [Germany]” and I will get an avatar later]

My response might be a bit overly meta and not necessarily perfectly addressing the topic Chad wants us to comment on. My response might also come across as being harsh but my intention is to convey my views as clear as possible. Disclaimer: Englisch is not my native language and I am German; you need to know that Germans belong to a direct culture :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall I am supportive with the proposal; however you may want to know I am biased since I am an Ambassador by myself. However, I am a bit sceptical with regards to the hyper local marketing
aspect. I will pick this up further down in my narrative.

On a meta level I sense that our positioning is subpar/too fuzzy. I perceive PIVX as too broad, I think an English expression is jack of all trades. I engage with content for PIVX for quite some time now and oftentimes I perceive the content as unspecific and non-relevant. Which is the number one use case we aim for, who are our customers in which market? On what message are we doubling down? What is our message we are over and over and over hammering in the minds of the people out there? The (perceived) lack of focus translates in fuzzy messages. Before we dive into local marketing we may want to fix our global/strategic positioning first.

Here is an analogy: I worked ten years at AMZN (from 05 to 15) and managed various businesses from them. I witnessed how the company grew from a books online store to what it is today. In my mind they achieved this by being laser focused on the use case, the market, the customer and then expanded from there: Books, online, developed countries (US, UK, DE, JP). Bamm!

What is our equivalent to this? What is our “We want to be X by doing Y. We are PIVX.”

I.e. “We want to allow users in underbanked regions to anonymously pay all their online purchases by providing them the fastest, cheapest, and most eco-friendly privacy cryptocurrency on this planet. This is us, this is PIVX” <-- Just an example; not a proposal. This would rule out offline retailers, this would rule out marketing in the US etc.

When I think about ETH I perceive them as “We are programmable money”. Bitcoin might be “We are modern store of value”. Such definitions make communication much easier and effective because they define where to double down and what not to do.

My point is: Before thinking about local marketing we need a laser sharp definition of the following: What is our hypothesis with regards to: Who is our customer, what is our main use case, and where are these customers located. Then we align all of our activities to address these. If we then realize this needs to be done tru local marketing fine but at the moment I feel we dont know if local marketing is the right thing for us. Of course it can also be that through out the years I have still somehow overlooked that a clear vision exists for PIVX. If it does pls disregard my comment.

Thank you for reading so far and for being open minded.

Keep it purple :slight_smile:


Great reply, Jan!!! As we started the project we really wanted to just get reps educating and interacting with people at meetups, events, etc… but as they get more established they can move more into strategizing best practices in their region and culture around marketing The long goal is regional marketing teams, but for now we are supporting all at a basic yet interval level.

Ambassadors is still emerging and morphing, so please join in and help shape. We are working on more materials to help and the strategy, although is the same for all. Brand Awareness, Community Development, Education, Merchant Adoption and Influensor Relations, will look and feel different in certain cultures. We don’t want to dictate that, rather see how we can support what becomes.

The simple answer is we hope to be a local common currency for people to exchange, manage wealth, buy and sell and do business with.

Your example is it. And we’ve used that terminology a lot. Helping the unbanked and focusing on the key features around speed, low fees, efficient network, privacy and rewards.

We’ve used a mission statement for a while. “A community-centric cryptocurrency focused on Privacy, decentralization and real world use.”

Working on creating even more materials to help this further. Love your help!

The hard part is connecting technical features of a almost alien concept to real world use and explaining it in a way to be a bridge to the new economy for folks.

The practicality of crypto integration within the economics of any sosiety is emmence, so we start with the basics as listed in the phases above and use common scenerios to help as best we can.

All that said, jump into discord and let’s figure out how best to market your particular region. Or if you’d like to help on a more high level program/strategy I could use the help! Sounds like you have experience!