PIVX - AXEL Partnership and Co-Marketing/Development Opportunity


5538 Eastern Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89014
[email protected]

December 27, 2018

Dear PIVX community,

After texting with Chad Ballantyne and the CEO of PIVX concerning a partnership and/or licensing opportunity, please find attached a proposal concerning AXEL entering into a relationship with PIVX to become an official clone.  AXEL is building a global decentralized network with data centers located throughout Asia, India, Europe, Russia and North and South America. AXEL will use the PIVX Masternode technology to secure our network and all transactions on the network. We require a codebase with high TPS and privacy – PIVX codebase is the perfect solution. (We are currently on Ethereum, which is far too slow and costly.)
Over the past decade, AXEL has built a solid reputation focused on data custody and privacy.  AXEL protects the identity and privacy of over 1.5 million users on our Android, iOS and Desktop Apps. Partnering with AXEL will directly expose all our current and future users to PIVX technology. 
In our quest to build one of the most secured decentralized networks in the world, we have decided that working with PIVX to clone the wallet is in our best interest to ensure we get it right.  We would like to discuss in greater detail our coin specifications, generating the Genesis block and stabilizing the network. The proposal contains a one-time adoption fee of $10,000 and yearly licensing fee of $2,500 paid directly to PIVX for allowing AXEL to adopt/clone PIVX for our use.
Beyond the adoption fee and yearly licensing fee, AXEL will accept PIVX coins for our services and within our marketplace increasing adoption of PIVX as a currency. AXEL would also like to work with PIVX on co-marketing and co-business development opportunities. 
I am a long-time Masternode holder and investor. I have great respect for PIVX, Masternode technology and cryptocurrency.  I think a high-profile partnership would not only be good for both our projects but also for the crypto, and especially for the Masternode community.  I believe our partnership could signal to the world that Masternode technology is being adopted by mainstream IT firms.  This could lead to great opportunities for both PIVX and AXEL as businesses of all sizes begin adopting this technology.
AXEL is located in fabulous Las Vegas.  I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss this opportunity further. 

Lee Eyerman
VP of Technology and Blockchain
[email protected]

AXEL – PIVX Partnership and Co-Marketing/Development Opportunity
December 27, 2018

• AXEL is adopting the open-source PIVX Masternode technology to secure the AXEL GLOBAL DECENTRALIZED NETWORK. (AGDN)
• AXEL requires guidance cloning the PIVX codebase to AXEL’s coin and network specifications.
• AXEL is a decade old company with a strong reputation in the data privacy and custody market with over 1.5million active users of our iOS, Android and Desktop applications.
• AXEL offers PIVX a fee to be recognized as an official clone of the PIVX technology.
• AXEL offers PIVX a fee for yearly support including the assistance to clone and stabilize the new Masternode network and security/software updates.
• AXEL will accept PIVX as a preferred payment method in the AXEL ecosystem.
• The opportunity to create PIVX and AXEL co-marketing strategies.
• The opportunity to create PIVX and AXEL co-business development strategies.

PIVX’s part in the partnership:

  1. AXEL will Pay PIVX Fees
  • a) One-time licensing fee of: $10,000.00
  • b) Yearly Support Fee including assistance listed above (Item 1 – Cloning of Wallet) of: $2,500 per year.
  • c) Support fee paid to PIVX for the adoption of PIVX technology for private distributed networks. (Item 3 – Business Development) Fee to be based on size of adoption.
  1. AXEL will Accept PIVX as Preferred Payment Method
  • a) AXEL will accept PIVX as a preferred form of payment throughout the AXEL ecosystem including our AXEL-IPFS Pinning Facility, AXEL-IPFS Archive, AXEL-Big Data, and AXEL-DDBaaS.
  • b) AXEL will accept PIVX as a preferred form of payment on AXEL.EXCHANGE our distributed digital content exchange.
  1. AXEL and PIVX Co-Marketing and Co-Business Development Opportunities.
  • a) AXEL will list PIVX as a core technology.
  • b) AXEL will use PIVX technology to create private distributed networks secured by PIVX Masternode technology.
  • c) PIVX can list AXEL as a Strategic Business Partner or Alliance Member.

AXEL’s part in the partnership:

  1. AXEL Requires Assistance Cloning PIVX Wallet to New Blockchain
  • a) Advice on Coin Supply
  • b) Assistance with generating the genesis block for our clone.
  • c) Assistance in setting up a Tiered Masternode System with our coin specifications.
  • d) Assistance with stabilizing and securing the AXEL Masternode network.
  1. AXEL Will Use PIVX Name in Marketing
  • a) Use of PIVX Name and Logo stating
    i) “AXEL is an Official Clone of PIVX technology.”
  • b) Work together on co-marketing opportunities to support each other’s mission.
  1. AXEL will use PIVX Technology for New Business Development
  • a) Use of PIVX Codebase to setup private distributed networks secured by PIVX Masternode technology where PIVX will receive a fee for each integration.
  1. AXEL Requires On-Going Support
  • a) PIVX will provide AXEL with support to keep our wallet secured and up-to-date.

I look forward to discussing this opportunity more with the PIVX Community. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or on Discord AXEL-Lee#5595.

Thank you very much for your consideration,
Lee Eyerman
VP of Technology and Blockchain

Note: We are open to discuss each element of this proposal to make the partnership work for both parties.

12/21/18 – LEE AXEL


Seems interesting. Looking forward to see what people think.


My initial thoughts are that I’d love to see the $10,000 paid in PIVX, but we actually need a holding organisation to take control of that on PIVX behalf, this should probably be launched in unison with this proposal.
Not sure if 10k covers the cost of a developer forking the code, and would love to know if Axel has any blockchain devs on it’s team currently?

Otherwise its a great opportunity for alliance that I’d also like to see what happens. Would love to hear a dev or 7 weigh in with thoughts.


Didn’t we already have a proposal pass that requires projects like this to go through Alliances?


Thank you for your feedback. Yes we have an excellent Blockchain team. We are capable of doing almost everything to clone the wallet. We need some guidance on the Genesis block process, and we need to know what is the maximum number of coin supply the codebase can handle and still maintain high TPS (171 TPS). Looking forward to discussing more. Thank you again, Lee.


From what I’m seeing here this justifies all the requirements of alliances.


171 TPS? I’m not sure that number is accurate?


From PIVX website: Transactions per second: 173 TPS (current theoretical maximum) (https://pivx.org/coin-specs/)

This is one of the technical issues we need guidance with. We need to know the best coin supply to maximize TPS. We are securing every transaction on the system using a small amount of our utility token. We need to maximize the speed. Our CTO has determined that 1,000,000,000 tokens as a maximum supply would be optimal for our use since a small amount is burned with every transaction. However, I do not know the effects of such a large coin supply on performance.


Have you had any response from any core devs? If not I could assist you getting this rolling?