PIVX Business Dev


Hello Pivians!

It has been an exciting few months behind the scenes with a few updates to share, and more to come.

The stuff I am currently working on, have been working on and plan to be working on are :

  • Working on a verification procedure for a large exchange - this is a lengthy and frustrating process - but we are getting further along.

  • Exchange Integration talks - reached a bottom price from them but not comfortable with it yet - waiting for them to drop it more.

  • Exchange listing work for a couple other exchanges/top 30

  • Wallet/payment processor addition negotiations. - Beginning talks are done, but further discussions and negotiations required.

  • Hitting up content creators who have had their videos and social media deleted or taken down, figuring out how to set them up with the ability to accept PIVX donations.

  • Getting ready to push out a social media campaign with SimpleSwap

  • Globee is researching us and will get back to us about listing.

  • Getting ready to push a marketing campaign with Coinswitch.

  • Working on helping a vacation rentals company have the ability to accept PIVX for vacation rental properties.

  • Designing marketing push with AirVPN

  • Talks with a group of gambling/betting sites that are all under 1 parent group.

  • Talks with cryptobetfair.com about listing us as a payment method

  • Another major exchange/top 10 discussions on listing, already talking to the right people there, so hope for some good news on this front soon.

  • Discussions with a site that allows people to buy giftcards with crypto in CAD, USD and EUR.

  • Negotiating with another wallet for integration. .

  • Talks with another Exchange/top 20

  • Talks with an exchange we have already financed - Working through regulations stuff to be on at launch.

  • Talks with another large exchange and a medium exchange.

  • Sending out introductory emails in order to get more people/companies/influencers on board.

  • Marketing push for USDT pairing on Bittrex.

  • Discussions with major news outlets in the US and Central America to have PIVX featured on some TV shows, major Youtube Channels and other places.

This is the majority of what I am working on at the moment. It has been slow for most of the crypto space during the bear markets but I am looking forward to helping PIVX grow and build so we are primed for market upturns.

I am looking for 2500 PIVX a month for the next 3 months in this proposal. I am not asking for the submission fee back.

Thank you for your time and consideration Pivians. I look forward to keeping it Purple.

John M
Head of Business Development


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"mnbudget getinfo PIVXBizDev” to check the status