PIVX Core Wallet 3.0.0 release (zerocoin ready)


DO NOT INSTALL 3.0.0. An updated wallet has been released. Please check Official News for latest wallet release.

New v3.0.0 wallet - Released on OCT/06/2017

Mandatory PIVX v3.0.0 core wallet update has been released with new features, various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.

Notable Changes:

  1. Zerocoin (zPIV) Protocol support added
  2. Tor Service Integration Improvements

You can see the full developer change log from the official github link.

NOTE: If you are running v2.3.1 or older, you MUST upgrade to v3.0.0 or newer or your wallet will not be on the right chain when the enforcement becomes active on October 13th 2017

Download Link
Download the appropriate v3.0.0 wallet binary for your OS from link below or from the website pivx.org once it becomes available.

Compiled wallet binaries for various OS will be available in the upcoming hours if not there already.


For Windows users, please use “pivx-3.0.0-win64-setup-unsigned.exe” (or try win32 if win64 fails)
(If you are an advanced user or prefer a non-wizard version, download the pivx-3.0.0-win64.zip)

How to Update (generic)

As always, it is recommended to backup the existing wallet.dat file to a safe location if you haven’t done so already via File -> Backup wallet and saving it in a different directory with a new name or if you use CLI/Linux, you can backup using the command ./pivx-cli backupwallet.

  1. Gracefully exit/stop the current wallet from the wallet. (File - Exit or ./pivx-cli stop)

  2. Download and install the new wallet appropriate for your OS.

Linux/Rpi: Overwrite the existing executable files with the newly downloaded wallet binaries.
Windows: If you install via the setup executable file, you don’t need to do anything manually.
Mac OSX: Download .dmg file, open .dmg then drag PIVX icon to the applications folder icon.

  1. Re-start the wallet. (./pivxd for linux)
    Update done!


  1. Will I lose my coins after the upgrade?
    No, you will not lose your coins after the upgrade. Please follow the upgrade steps above.

  2. I’m having issues with my wallet launching, not seeing my coins, having issues syncing etc
    Please open a ticket in pivx.support or at #support channel in PIVX Slack.

  3. Who can I ask if I have issues still or don’t know how to upgrade still?
    You can ask in #support channel in PIVX Slack for real-time assistance.
    If you aren’t yet a member there, you can join via http://slack.pivx.org


Sorry if this is answered elsewhere but isn’t it really confusing that the new wallet shows Zerocoin Balance / zPIV instead of Zerocoin PIVX or something that makes it clear zPIV is not Zerocoin? It’s all pretty confusing for me; hard to imagine how a very new user feels.

Adding some explanation of zPIV on the help menu would really help. Is zPIV the save as a PIV? Can I move balances back and forth? Are they worth the same amount? Is it still PIV? Such confusion for me.


Ah. Maybe some information in the release notes & the technical note will help you clarify some parts:


PIV = basecoin
zPIV = zerocoin

zPIV is a proof of your ownership of an equal amount of PIV. It’s like a casino chip per se.
So yes. It’s 1 to 1 and you can move the balance back and forth between them.
But do note that there is a small fee for converting PIV to zPIV. But not the other way.

P.S. Please DO NOT try to spend your zPIV back to PIV until wallet 3.0.4 is out & you’ve updated as this 3.0.0 wallet was found to have some issues.