PIVX Core Wallet 3.0.6 Release (11/30/2017)


PIVX Core Wallet 3.0.6 Release (11/30/2017)

PIVX v3.0.6 core wallet update has been released with numerous bug fixes, sync & stability enhancements. It is not mandatory to upgrade if you are already running but it is still highly recommended to upgrade to keep up to date with core updates. Please check the release notes for the full change log.

Release Notes: https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/releases/tag/v3.0.6

Download Link
Download the appropriate v3.0.6 wallet binary for your OS from the links below:

For Self-compilers, please use “git checkout v3.0.6” to compile. (not master)

How to Update

As always, it is recommended to backup the existing wallet.dat file to a safe location before upgrading if you haven’t done so already via File -> Backup wallet and saving it in a different directory with a new name. If you use CLI/Linux, you can backup using the command ./pivx-cli backupwallet. If your wallet is not running currently, you can back up the file “wallet.dat” from e.g. Start -> Run -> %APPDATA%\PIVX on Windows by making a copy elsewhere.

  1. Gracefully exit/stop the current wallet from the wallet. (File - Exit or ./pivx-cli stop)

  2. Download and install the new wallet appropriate for your OS.
    Linux/Rpi: Overwrite the existing executable files with the newly downloaded wallet binaries.
    Windows: Install via the setup executable file and run through the setup wizard to install.
    Mac OSX: Download .dmg file, open .dmg then drag PIVX icon to the applications folder icon.

  3. Re-start the wallet. (Launch from your PIVX shortcut icon or ./pivxd for linux)

  4. Once the wallet finishes syncing, follow this guide to ensure you are on the right network.

  5. Done!


  1. Will I lose my coins after the upgrade?
    No, you will not lose your coins after the upgrade. In fact, we always recommend to upgrade to our latest wallet to ensure its security & stability.

  2. I’m having issues with my wallet launching, not seeing my coins, having issues syncing etc
    Please check the Knowledgebase Articles: https://pivx.freshdesk.com/solution/folders/30000015182
    or open a ticket at pivx.support or at support channels in PIVX Discord @ https://discord.pivx.org.

  3. Who can I ask if I don’t know how to upgrade still?
    You can ask in support channels in PIVX Discord for real-time assistance.
    If you aren’t yet a member there, you can join via https://discord.pivx.org
    Also can open a ticket at pivx.support for more private support…

  4. I’m missing some zPIV that got minted and sent to the Accumulator. Where are they?
    Firstly, make sure you aren’t using the same wallet in multiple places. If so, it could be the cause. Also, if you have tried swapping out your wallet.dat with previous backups in an attempt to recoover your zPIV, make sure to NOT delete the latest wallet.dat as your most recent zPIV minting information does not exist in your older backups, So if you have restored to an older backup, please restore back the latest wallet.dat which was used to mint those zPIV. Then please follow this KB: https://pivx.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/30000025649