PIVX did not arrive in my Windows wallet - 4 days later!


I attempted to transfer PIVX from Binance to my Windows desktop wallet 4 days ago. However, the PIVX didn’t arrive on the wallet. Any idea what’s happening? I think the block is synced on my wallet, and I have the latest edition of the wallet. I am able to send PIVX to my secondary wallet with no issue. Please help.


It sounds like the wallet is not really synced. Can you check this:

From your wallet’s debug console (Tools -> Debug console or just use ./pivx-cli getinfo in linux), type:

Note the block number. (“blocks”:slight_smile: That is the block number that your wallet is currently synced up to.

Now type:
getblockhash xxxxxx (where xxxxxx is the block number you got from getinfo output above)

Compare the hash to the block explorer’s block hash for that same block via the following URL:
http://www.presstab.pw/phpexplorer/PIVX/block.php (search your block number that you used in step 2 & 3)

If the hash is different, you are not on the right chain. Update to the latest wallet (if not already on it), and resync.



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