PIVX-Godot Mobile Application Module


This is the proposal for building a module that will allow game developers using the open source engine Godot to add PIVX and Bitcoin transactions to in-game purchases.

With the growing popularity of the Free-to-play gaming model, in-game transactions are becoming more and more popular, microtransactions will allow for an entirely unique experience.

Godot is the world’s leading open source and free to use Gaming engine and used for titles that have been released on Android, iOS and console.

Please find a more in depth outline in this document, Document is now closed for editing

The cost will be 14K USD,
Payment will be made by myself and this proposal is to seek re-imburesement for the payment over a time of 3 months (superblocks)

$14,000 / 3 = $4,666

I will be asking for 1300 piv per month with the excess used to partially cover some marketing materials, plus proposal submission fees.
Todays price is $3.73, so this is assuming price does not rise, which it almost certainly will.

If the price of piv rises significantly during this time I will donate the excess funds to the Alliance payments protocol for either Marketing/Dev/support or a equal split of all 3.

If there is a shortfall, I will cover it personally, or with community donations that I will organise myself, Either way If this proposal passes, It will be funded.

This module will be developed by Ariel Manzur (linkedin profile)
and supervised and marketed by cryptosi (linkedin profile)

Please comment below so we can answer any questions and get PIVX integrated into some video games. Hopefully this proof of concept will be a pre-cursor to being added to some other engines.


hash= 40f6024115344816e9c332b0da282f646b62e4ac59ab5da27557e99482bfe4ff

“mnbudget vote-many 40f6024115344816e9c332b0da282f646b62e4ac59ab5da27557e99482bfe4ff yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many 40f6024115344816e9c332b0da282f646b62e4ac59ab5da27557e99482bfe4ff no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo PIVXGodotEngine” to check the status


Hey everyone (Ariel Manzur here, co-creator of this proposal)

Just wanted to say thanks for your support, I’m a big fan of PIVX and I think we could do great things with gaming, just have to get the tools out there for people to start experimenting. I’m happy to answer any questions, thanks!


  • Is this going to be open source? The github section seems to imply that it would be hosted privately and PIVX should not be funding closed-source code
  • As mentioned before, governance proposals should never reference a live document like a googledoc. I won’t vote for something that can be changed later with no version history, and suggest others do not either
  • Is this PIVX exclusive? BIP44 indicates that it is not, so we are potentially paying for something that other coins will benefit from
  • Do the transactions happen on-chain or off? Microtransactions are often considered bloat to a blockchain


Thanks for your input turtle.

  1. YES it will be open source
  2. I will not change the contents after its voted in, I’ll immediately post the document to steemit, or you can do the same, as there aren’t many other immutable ways to store the details of a proposal, this will be my 4th proposal, I’ve yet to change the details on any of them after being voted in.
  3. NO it’s not PIVX exclusive, if its open source, the entire world can benefit from it, exactly like ALL our other work. But we are only building a module that works with PIVX and BTC
    4… I don’t even know where to start with that…Transactions will happen on-chain, otherwise it would be centralised and you’d slaughter me for it. for PIVX mirotransactions may be considered bloat, but if people want to transact with small amounts then they should be free to do so, I dont think you should start limiting us to only supporting large transactions. Plus all transactions impact on our inflation model, so the sooner more micros are in place the sooner we will know where we stand.

The idea here is that we start to see some real video game to blockchain usage, I’m hoping this is the first of many integrations of this type with other game engines and developers.

Any more questions are welcome, also feel free to make some positive suggestions if you think there are better ways of penetrating the 20 Billion dollar plus gaming market. but lets not throw the entire thing out because I’ve used a google doc and people can fork the code for other projects.


2: There are the wayback machine and archive.is to archive the proposal at a certain date. That would be possible with a forum post but they don’t grab google docs very well. This snapshot should be taken before the voting starts, not after. Not that I don’t trust you, but there shouldn’t be a trust factor of the proposer to not change the deal, especially in crypto. You wouldn’t vote for a political candidate or party if the party could change their candidate afterwards but still have your vote


Yep I get it, but you are suggesting I get elected on a particular manifesto and then do totally different things once I’m in office… possibly the worst example you could have used as politicians do it all the time.

anyway on this occasion you’ll have to trust that I dont run off with the money, or change the goal posts, not that there are any means to enforce retribution if I did. an immutable copy of anything cannot be held up in court by a blockchain. But I will not move the goalposts.

perhaps we should start seriously considering standards for this topic, could be added to PPL and governance.


I’ll also post to steemit tomorrow, not before voting started, but in future I’ll link to a steemit post.


First monthly report on the this Proposal has been published to Steemit, I hope this can turn those 2 nays into yays.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for supporting this initiative.


How is this project progressing? I’m considering making a game in Godot and would like to use this module.


It seems to have stalled, was supposed to be complete some months ago.

Funding still remains, but it is taking much longer than expected.


personally, I didn’t read it all, but fastly, I assume it was about having an interface between pivx and the ingame engine to manage the currency of the game. I am sorry but it is a bad idea because the interface is what pivx should be natively, not some kind of again 3rd party trying to racket or sneak some fees (more) in.

what pivx just need is a powerful, fast and 100% working api for game devs to just have to enable it once and it runs straight from the user wallet. There is a big aspect of liberty in the gaming world, and trying with low skill or high ingenuity scheme to corner the market will only result in more people at the tables of vegas using hard plastic chips.

what pivx needs is more bandweight for fast sync, zpiv staking working and the zdex too… not some dash crap. kiss keep it stupidly simple (otherwise it will break).


The blockchain is over 13GB now, fast sync is not the only issue with embedding wallets into games. This module will not charge additional fees, and it will not be 3rd party, it will be PIVX owned and managed using the open source repo and PIVX governance.

but thankyou for your input


Hello, thanks for your reply. I too believe that each input more or less on the subject of the thread can be valuable.

What I don’t get with your module is why the gamer can’t run himself a wallet and have with it access to the api to connect to the ingame engine… there I see the logic to have “a game wallet” module, open sourced that the devs could integrate.

where I don’t see it fine, is that the core wallet should be enough already to do that, but on the other hand I wouldn’t want gamer to use computer ressources on a wallet rather than the game.

so it’s all those question I ask myself about your project.

Personally, it’s not the size, just the loading time when opening the wallet… I would love user with a 32core cpu to be able to launch instantaneously the core wallet.


There’s another great thing a mobile developer can use. Since I developed a small text rpg game for Android I’ve been looking for a sufficient platform for it. I didn’t get any great result with Google store and play market. Both of them take a huge amount of money for promotion and takes a big chunk of revenue as well. A few weeks ago I found the game credits platform with bittrex transactions. It’s the most promising platform for young developers and block chain-lovers in general. The fee is less and transaction speed is faster. . And the community is the most welcoming and friendly there.
Stongly recommend.