Pivx merchant adoption campaigns in Africa


The usage of a digital currency becomes possible when accessibility is easy for consumers. There has been a rapid growth of digital currencies such as dash and Smartcash in Africa especially Ghana and Nigeria. But the major challenge these currencies are facing is difficult accessibility due to very limited merchants available to supply to the masses. It’s very obvious that people actually deter away from these cryptocurrencies because they lose money in spending them. This is because, the very few existing merchants charge high fees on sales.
Pivx can take this challenge as an opportunity to expand its outreach in Africa. This will be done by creating many merchants through existing commercial merchants in cities. Incorporating them into pivx merchandise will cause public emotional reaction towards pivx coin. Merchants can be the best source to communicate to their customers about Pivx coin enabling mass adoption.


This is a wonderful idea, this can really engineer a big boost for pivx in the African continent. Yes this is a ground where pivx can still take advantage of, due to the traditionalism and skepticism still hosted towards fiat and crypto respectively in this part of the world. The few that are exposed to crypto also have similar questions being asked as to " where can I buy and sell my crypto?" I think this proposal will do quite a great job for pivx adoption and usage if it comes to reality. Most countries in Africa still thrive as virgjn lands when it comes to the knowledge of the emerging money and cash payment system.