PIVX-Numo Alliance


Hi All!

Bryan/Snappy here submitting this proposal on behalf of Numo. Full disclosure - I am currently an adviser with the project (as outlined), and am excited about this potential alliance and possible integration of PIVX into the Numo ecosystem.

The below proposal is being submitted as an Alliance Proposal. The 3rd party project Numo is looking to become recognized as an alliance member of PIVX. In advance of this proposal, NUMO was represented on the last Alliance Conference Call, explained it’s core value propositions, and intentions moving forward. These were well received on the call, which has led to this proposal submission.

For the purposes of this proposal and Alliance, no funding is required from PIVX. Numo is seeking the approval of the Alliance between the PIVX Community and Numo to engage in future collaborations and implementations, explained below and Individual Project Proposals will be forthcoming (and linked below when submitted)


Numo’s intent is to integrate PIVX (and zPIV) as the first cryptocurrency on their platform.

An Alliance and subsequent integration of PIVX into the Numo ecosystem will provide the PIVX community with a bridge to transact with PIVX and zPIV between coin holders instantly, on an existing mobile wallet platform and without need of an external crypto exchange. Numo comes to the Alliance with an existing mobile wallet that will act as the User Interface, providing users with the ability to hold both fiat and crypto in the wallet. PIVX holders will be able to pay for purchases and get cash into and out of the platform at local merchants with the exchange between fiat and PIVX done within the mobile wallet.

Communication to the PIVX community will be made bi-weekly that will be posted in the Numo/PIX alliance thread on PIVX.org, PIVX Discord channels and will be referenced in Numo’s social media channels (@getnumo). Status reports and significant milestones of integration of PIVX and zPIV in Numo’s ledger, Numo platform modifications, etc. will be reported in the bi-weekly updates.


Olaf Vogel, CEOhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/olafvogel/
Olaf has 20+ years of experience in financial technology, with leading global companies in retail and institutional banking products. Global Director of Trading at OANDA FX Online Brokerage an early and very successful FinTech startup. My division earned $58 million p.a. SVP and co-founder of R.J.O’Brien FX servicing Canadian broker dealers Product Manager and early team member of Versus Technology, that was successfully sold to E-trade Financial for $174 million. Core member of the the Versus team that subsequently built out the Etrade global infrastructure. Today, he is co-founder and CEO for Numo.

Brad Taylor, COO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradtaylor/
Expertise in transaction banking, trading, FinTech product development. Strong software and app development experience. Successful startup experience and management skills. 20 years in Canadian, UK and US banking & capital markets Led $10B credit business at RBC VP, Technology - Merrill Lynch Successful startup and fundraising experience as co-founder

Jeff Applewhite - Business Development
Jeff oversees client relationships with primary accountability for evolving the business needs of existing clients, cultivating new sales opportunities and developing partnerships with local economic communities. He has held senior roles for leading voice and data communication providers as well as Fortune 100 financial service organizations. Jeff holds a BA in Communications from Ryerson University in Toronto.


social: @getnumo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Numo’s Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hfqcaJV
Numo’s Youtube explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2whkXxB9f4
Numo’s merchants discuss their experiences using the platform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LekdV8kGBkc
Numo’s user/customer apps and merchant apps are available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store: https://www.getnumo.com/go


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REALLY excited to see this Alliance happen. This is perhaps the best ‘Win-Win’ I’ve seen so far for the Alliance program. The upside for both parties is MASSIVE.