PIVX payments now accepted at Renjer


"We are a small company from Sweden producing jerky out of reindeer, deer and elk meat. Even if our company sounds like it is an old school manufacturing business we have young minds! On Monday we started accepting PIVX through Coinpayments.

The reason for us to start accepting PIVX is the fact that we got contacted by one of the PIVX guys and got asked to accept it. At the same time we also learnt about the currency. It is great to be assisting the adaptation of this interesting project. We hope that other companies would learn about you too and accept PIVX.

We believe that we are the first food company in Sweden that accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method. This is mostly due to our high level of interest in new technologies and innovative things in general.

If you are located in the European Union and would like to exchange your PIVX to something truly delicious and healthy check out: https://www.renjer.ky and order some unique jerky."

Note that due to food regulations we can only sell to EU countries (unless somebody wants to import our products :wink: )