PIVX Support Team Proposal Paper


With the planning phase wrapped up quickly, I wanted to drop this by for ‘official’ proposal terms.

This could also be displayed at the -> pivx.support <- website aswell.
Thanks for the support everyone!

##One more note…
Due to miscommunication with @jakiman , I didn’t include him in the final build. Although this makes our team 6 people, I think we can all agree that @jakiman is a huge player in the support community and should be apart of this. I have made another proposal for him titled ‘support-add-jakiman’ This will add an additional 400 pivx to the monthly budget + 100pivx (for submission fee and finalization fee). Hope you all understand!

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pivx-cli mnbudget vote 2884a73c20a59aafc9054e6775be96844bf9389bda113a97a77fae62f6dc2bd0 yes | no


##Voting has begun!
Use command: pivx-cli mnbudget vote a71a75370e367b70b47d5d2598891283fe20b2b2c8309c829f9fe1c9a4201654 yes | no in your masternode to vote on this proposal!

Hope to see support up and rolling soon!
##Final Announcement Update
Hey all! Throughout the day I’ve started to finalize a few things and thought I would update everyone on the progress of the support team!

Members & Time Zones & Languages:

We have people for the American day time, which I’m pretty sure is our prime time for support influx. @mbalance, would then proceed to take the lower volume during ‘American Night.’ Since we do not have any analytics to work off of, this is where we are gonnna enter from. We can then proceed to collect and publish statistics of how the support project goes.

Youtube Channel:
As suggested by someone from the comments, I will be establishing a ‘official’ PIVX Support Team youtube channel. Here, I personally will make full, understandable videos detailing how to do things on each kind of OS (Windows, Mac, Linux). These can be used to help guide people or even random people on youtube can find these and proceed to benefit from them. Updates can be made with progress of PIVX and additions of new kind of wallets and others.

What to do with #support, #live-chat, #masternode, and others:
We will have some of us watch those channels and we will probably be assisted by devs too. Any volunteers in the support chanels can then be noticed by official team members and then be tipped. So in this instance we could have a little pivx flow aswell.

Future Goals and Implementations:
Although the future is uncertain, we plan for this support to be the grounds for growth and change. We will continue to adapt to whatever is changing in PIVX or in the crypto eco-system. The next couple months can allow us to put together numbers to see how we can expand the support team or change direction if needed.

Final Proposal Costs:

  • 60 PIVX for hosting/domain(One Time)
  • 2000 PIVX / Month(400 per 5 members)(Decrantlizd isn’t paid by support proposal)
  • 100 PIVX for submission fee + finalization fee (Standard Process)
    Total: 2160 PIVX

Small edit: Due to how the proposals work, I will be asking for 2160 monthly, and then keep track of the extra pivx and find something to donate it too or something, as I have been advised that there is not budget pool to add too!

This should provide a decent entry point into the first support system. I think 5 members should allow us to operate smoothly.

I appreciate everyones inputs & hope to see new feedback in the time before we put the proposal live!




I found a self hosted, open source ticket system called OSTicket. I played around with it a little and I think It could work & minimize cost for ticket software. I’m looking to obtain domain, which can be linked directly off of pivx.org. I’ll be setting up a sweet vps to host the website aswell.

I think the costs are going to come down to this:

  • One time cost of 60 PIVX to cover the domain and vps (Platform is open-source and free)
    This is going to cover us for a year. We intend to run for a 3 month trial to see if we need to upgrade our vps, or to re-evaluate our vision.

  • 400 PIVX for each support team member.
    My reasoning for the cost is this: The support team is going to consist of 4 to 5 individuals who are going to devote their future nights and days to answering tickets and really genuinely helping people. All members will need to have email notifications on so they can receive tickets on the go as well. I believe that the support members will need to be passively engaged to support everyday.

Currently, the confirmed team consits of @slimjim and @bitcoiner. I am going to ask @jakiman if he is interested in participating in the official team. We will also be looking to add 2-3 more people to fill that 4-5 person roster we are eyeing. Since we are still unsure of who exactly will be participating this will cause the proposal to have a ‘range’ of projected cost.

I encourage anyone interested in joining the team to submit there information -> here


One time fee of 60 PIVX to covert the project’s hosting costs.
Monthly fee of 400-2000 PIVX to cover each support member.
Total Cost: 460-2060 PIVX

Although we are still in the planning stages, I’m happy to see most people encouraging this proposal. I would like for everyone to post their comments below about my update to the proposal. Thanks all!


Hi all! We would like to drop this in the forums and see what everyone thinks about our ideas to upgrade the ‘PIVX Experience’. I think a big part of this coin is the community and I know thats obvious. Increasing support can help the flow of knowledge and allow us to be organized!

PIVX Support Team Proposal


PIVX is a brand new coin, as we all know so well, and with new coins comes the need for constant onboarding, support & answering of basic questions, often many times per day. Now that the budget system has come online, what’s a better way to put it to use than to fund, even temporarily, our own 24/7 live support? For weeks now we’ve had many wonderful volunteers in #support on slack and so on, but they are slowly getting burnt out and new awesome people are not showing up to step in and help in #support, so this proposal aims to cover that much needed gap in support and honestly provides and upgrade to the PIVX ecosystem overall, from our point of view.

Every day people poll the #masternode, #staking, and #support channels in need of assistance. Although many of their questions are easily searchable in the forums and pinned posts, we think it is imperative that newcomers are able to talk to a dedicated support team when they need a hand. There has been many times when #support is left with several help requests. Many times our volunteer support team gets tired or participates in another channel. Jesus My lord. Amen.

A team of about 5 support staff members who can man the various support channels for unanswered questions and provide any necessary assistance.

Many of the variables contained in this proposal have not been settled on, and we would like for the PIVX community to participate on the idea.

Features Needed to be discussed:

  • Support Platform to create tickets to increase organization of support requests.
    The support channel has gotten too busy and better support organization could help us directly talk to the people who need it most. We would need to agree on either a paid support platform or look to find a free alternative as well.

  • How much of the budget will be put towards support?

  • Who will be nominated as support staff?

  • Will the team be official?

  • How will the budget be split?

  • Who nominates the support staff?

  • Proposed Team:
    Since there is no ‘nominating power’ we have brought up converting some volunteer support people such as:
    and maybe one or two others.

We look forward to what the community thinks about this proposition and we encourage anyone to put their two cents in on this.

-@decentralizd, @bitcoiner, @slimjim

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I think this is sorely needed, alot of new users have been getting ignored lately!


Yes, sounds good guys, happy to contribute to the proposal cost for this


I like it, goodness knows I’ve hunted them down LOL. How do we get it implemented?


Working on it :slight_smile: Thanks for the support!


Thumbs up! totally support this! I also will gladly assist with the proposal fee if needed.


The only problem i see with the proposal is this:
We are paying upfront with not guarantee that the people will do work. They will be paid the 400 piv if their work is great or poor. I would like to see some way of incentivizing the 5 man crew to continue with the support. Also, I see a problem with the Slack Support group.
As the community grows, it just becomes impossible to keep up with the support group messages. This proposal looks like a temporary solution.

I agree, the names of the people you proposed are active and hard workers, but what happens when they go on vacation? When they decide they don’t want to do it anymore? Do they still get paid?


400 PIV for each support member? Have you seen the marketing team proposal?

Now the thing here is, those people are doing the work already and have listed a scope of work for each individual, now you guys would be taking 400 for doing what exactly?

I personally think 400 is too much :slight_smile:


This is certainly a discussion. I feel that even when support members aren’t on their computers they will need to be answering tickets on their phones. I attributed the cost per member to account for time they would need to be ‘passively engaged’ everyday. But, yea, this is all a entry point to us. Thanks for the feedback!


Everything is negotiable, as this is good for discussion. The spread of wealth would be between 5 members. Inter-member meetings could help point out if anyone is lacking or aren’t doing enough for their peers. Members will have to show they are capable. As for vacations, We could adjust the budget monthly to reflect member availability & parcipitation. Hope I coveres everything, thanks for feedback!


I think this is urgent, and you should think about giving the support volunteers more than 400 PIVX to make it worth their time. Elishagh - you should be given a 1k PIVX for being the spokesman when no one was available. The difference between PIVX being a coin for the future or a flash in the pan will occur in the next month or two. The price rise was dramatic and I can see the pullback, what’s the point in buying PIVX if my own wallet causes me more grief than it is worth. Honestly, the POSwallet team have a straightforward, newbie friendly, site that was staking my PIVX. I transferred my PIVX to the mandatory wallet and now no matter how many times I download the wallet, it always fails at the loading wallet point. At one point, I actually had it working only to be disappointed when it crashed after my attempt to Encyrpt the wallet. Did you guys test the wallet? There are few chances to get it right, for the sake of all of us, don’t drop the ball on this one.


My position on the matter has, and always will be, if you can’t on board people successfully, the gains are temporary.

Pivx has a great community, but I feel like we see the same cycles play out. Price jumps, influx of new members, not enough people to handle support, people get frustrated.

When I came to pivx originally right before the launch of the new website, I wanted to tear my fucking hair out trying to figure out how to do everything, Had it not been for a few key people I would have chunked the deuce then.

Community has always been great, but support has always been lacking. I tried my best during the original boom to tip people like @bitcoiner and @slimjim who were kicking ass to inspire them to keep going.

Bottom line is, doing it for free, when basically what you are doing is bridging technological gaps, is a pain in the ass. You will get what you pay for.

If you guys were paying 400 Pivx/mo, I would be in there everyday. Devoting all time outside of work (and even during work) to that portion of the project. Two or three good support members, and this community can stay fully sustained for the quite forseeable future.

Back to lurking in the shadows. Hope all is well with everyone.


What needs to be included in the scope of this support, is one (or several) of these support guys creating video tutorials of the most common things people are asking for. I know some how-to guides exist, and there are some unofficial tutorials, but I am talking step by step video tutorials that walk new users through a new wallet setup, and another on how to stake, and another on MN setup on different platforms, another on common problems and how to fix them, etc - and for different operating systems that are most common.

This way, a support member could save a lot of time and say - “follow this video tutorial exactly, if it doesn’t work come back and let me know where you experienced a problem.” This would not only free up their time to help other people, but it then also becomes an archived video tutorial library for all PIVX members.

Member Jeffrey has already locked down this website: http://pivxwiki.org/ and the Support guys could use that, or the pivx.org website’s linked YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr4Wk2opstIsUvMOz9quFSg

This just makes sense. Why would we not do this? We keep spinning wheels answering the same questions in support anyway.


I am fully insupport of the videos. I always said I would make more videos. You make a great point and I could defintely pump out good videos under the support team name. Looks alot more official. I have obtained pivx.support and I’ll keep wiki in mind. Thanks for takkng time to reply!


I would like to add I will be advising them and helping them coordinate this team for free, making sure we aren’t just ‘repeating the same answers’ and instead are being proactive and BUILDING out our onboarding infrastructure rather than just being Support Monkeys…


Making relationships and making people feel like were real people genuinely trying to help is my main goal. I think seperating from the mean is important. Good support = good feedback, more people will go and tell others about their positive experience here. We already have a good community here and we can make it even more friendlier and community bounded when everyone feels tended too


Slimjim - you are truly a righteous soul. I wish the world had more people like you. It seems most people are caught up in self serving goals without a care for those beneath them financially or the oppressed and poor. I’ve been fortunate and done very well financially, and proudly accomplished it without cheating or harming others. I wish the same could be said on the other side. Honor, integrity and a person’s word are not attributes of today’s world. Anyone else on the forum burned by GAW Miners and Josh the idiot? I could see the writing on the wall but kept giving him chance after chance. Thankfully, I lost only a few hundred dollars but I was shocked to find out people put their life savings in the hands of a half wit who couldn’t write a line of code if his life depended on it. Bitcoin was nothing more than a tool to steal. Sadly, with the money he raised, he could have done something concrete instead of wasting funds on leasing shallow private planes. I hope the PIVX developers remember to do something noble for someone else in the poorer areas of the world. Karma has a way of always coming returning. Kudos to @slimjim and the PIVX voluntary support army for their time and effort. Developers need to be generous to them for one reason - they worked hard before asking for a dime of compensation. I vote to give them whatever they need.


I guess I’m taken out of this one? But yeah, expect me to be doing just the same. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your support. The rest of support team are a group of people that I would say also resemble our ‘goal’. :slight_smile:


We got you :heart: :heart: