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Hey all, I am here today to propose the establishment of a dedicated PIVX Troubleshooting center, also known as: PIVXTools. As many of you know, the current toolbox is apart of the support team system. I would like to take the toolbox and rebrand it, improve it, and continue to develop it. I currently have a list of features/projects I would like to implement to the system:

  • Improved debugging tools (for forked chains, more user friendly)
  • Implement embedded looped video clips of the many task required to troubleshoot the Qt wallet (zPIV functions, forked processes, how to vote, etc.)
  • Re-design the platform
  • Budget analysis tool
  • User friendly Proposal section (more refined, commands to vote up/down present)
  • Provide an usable API for any useful PIVX console outputs
  • Provide automatic snapshots of blockchain
  • Any reasonable feature that can improve the usability of the toolbox

I am looking to continue my service in the PIVX community and would appreciate any feedback for this project. I would like to request 1500 PIV, for 3 months of work/hosting. I will eat the proposal submission fees. I realize that the budget will most likely come and go without full utilization, so I thought it would be a good time to make this a 1 month proposal. Broken down this would come out to 467 PIV a month after subtracting the fees for proposal submission.

I will add the budget voting commands when I am home to submit the proposal in the wallet.

EDIT: Here are the commands!

mnbudgetvote many 3dd92383e0e92e1f5c3fb5c4cc6c5224691a4e23ed5ec0e9febd0e091a43c75b yes

mnbudgetvote many 3dd92383e0e92e1f5c3fb5c4cc6c5224691a4e23ed5ec0e9febd0e091a43c75b no


Ye I’m liking the idea. Mainly for debugging with videos with a good redesign of the webpage. Plenty of budget available to.

A full list of what’s going to be included.

This would solve alot of support problems, as the answers are very repetitive. Good clear videos and debugging guides will help alot.


Thanks for the feedback. I can take a look at the wallet when I get home to think of everything that could possibly be shown. My current train of thought is:

  • Fixing forks
  • Snapshots
  • Bootstrap
  • zPIV functions ( backup, import,etc.)
  • Backuping wallet.dat
  • Masternode functions
  • Backing up local snapshot

You can get my ideology here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Be good to get it all broke down into the steps before as well such as fixing forks, checking if on right chain etc.

Sure that meant that anyway just clarifying.


It’s a yes from me!

Great idea, the current toolbox is great and somewhat underused


And a little under-optimized! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


JFDI! Support is a foundation to any great tech project. This is a must! Thanks, @slimjim! We miss ya around the lounge!