PIVX video tutorial suite by Chockablock.io


This Proposal is to fund the creation of a FULL suite of tutorials for PIVX users.

This proposal will produce the following short (2 mins) tutorials

---- 1) downloading and installing PIVX wallet (desktop and Mac OS) 2- vids
---- 2) Syncing the blockchain for the first time ( desktop and mac OS)
---- 3) sending and recieveing PIVX (desktop and mac OS) 1 -vid (include coin control features)
---- 4) Minting Zpiv - 1 vid
---- 5) Spending zpiv and recieving zpiv - 1vid
---- 6) using a snapshot
---- 7) accessing Discord Support
---- 8) setting up a Masternode (optional - time dependent)
---- 9) Making a proposal

---------------------------------Additional vids (depending on second month of funding passing)
---- 10) making a proposal using pivxcentral.org
---- 11) installing the mobile wallet on android
---- 12) installing the mobile wallet on iOS
---- 13) checking the state of proposals in wallet
---- 14) checking the state of proposals using pivx central
---- 15) accepting PIVX in your business using vendible
---- 16) accepting PIVX in your business using coinpayments
---- 17) sending and receiving piv using mobile wallet
---- 18) Setting up a hardware wallet to store pivx
---- 19) setting up and using the SMPT for masternodes
---- 20) How to cash out PIVX to Fiat

This is subject to some change within reason

Here is an example of the videos that Chockablock.io is capable of producing, he is a very talented UX reviewer.

These videos will be made by Geoff Robertson, founder of Chockablock.io
I (cryptosi) have worked with Geoff for a number of months and can vouch for his professionalism and adhearance to deadlines, if you wish to see more of his work please check out his Vimeo channel.

He also has a Linkedin profile and can be found in Discord under the avatar ‘Chockablockio’

The cost for this proposal is 6000PIV split over 2 months
3000PIV per month.

That will cover the following:
20 tutorial videos at $200 each = $4000USD
plus Cryptosi proposal agent fee 10% = $400USD
Plus facebook/youtube advertising of these tutorial videos $100USD
This assumes a PIV price of $0.75

I have secured private funding for this proposal should it not be funded, so please vote on this based on its merit and not availability of budget funds, If this passes and does not fund because of budget constraints, I WILL still get this funded privately.

Thanks for your time:

Voting information to follow…

To vote yes:
mnbudgetvote many 96f87d3df2aaadfa869efcc07cd624a23ab4f816b2332f4a15b8feeef5d809b8 yes

To vote no:
mnbudgetvote many 96f87d3df2aaadfa869efcc07cd624a23ab4f816b2332f4a15b8feeef5d809b8 no