PIVX Wallet 2.1.6 release


PIVX v2.1.6 wallet has been released as a minor update for those that have sync connectivity issues.

Note: This is a non-mandatory wallet update and is compatible with wallet v2.1.3.0 onward.
If you see no binary files, please check back in few hours as it is being compiled as I write.
You can always install the 2.1.5 first and update later if you still have peer connection issues.

Download Location: https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/releases/tag/v2.1.6

Update Steps:
0. Backup the existing wallet to a safe location. (File -> Backup wallet or ./pivx-cli backupwallet )

  1. Download the appropriate wallet binary for your operating system.
  2. Close the wallet. (File -> Exit or ./pivx-cli stop)
  3. Replace / Overwrite the existing executable files with the newly downloaded files.
  4. Re-start the wallet.

Change Log

  1. Updated DNS Seed Nodes to help with peer connectivity issues.