PIVX Wallet 2.1.7 release


Thanks for your quick response and great help. I highly appreciate it.


no problem we are here to help.

nice weeekend all :four_leaf_clover: and good luck finding eggs :thumbsup:


DRPD, you sir are a hero! Thank you so much!

One more question: As soon as I make another deposit into my wallet, does it automatically update my wallet.dat file? Or is it done by hand?


no hero, just a helping hand. the real hero is “s3v3n h4cks” and his team :smirk: (kudos to all his hard work)

as soon as you can see the depo in your wallet you are safe nothing to do by hand

you can also check the deposit in blockchain. follow this link:

click on “block chain” menu (on top) / “transaction or address search” put in your txid or address, if you can see your depo it is allready in blockchain and you should be safe as long as you have your wallet.dat in safety

Wallet crashes on mac

My Windows & Linux wallets crash constantly too (2.1.7)


please read above, delete the chain, download my snapshot or resynch from scratch if you prefer


i appreciate you offering up the chain for quicker sync, but this is not the essence of this post.
The wallets (Windows, Linux, qt & pivxd) are UNSTABLE, this needs to be addressed by the devs.


i’m sure the devs are working on it but my windows/linux wallets/masternodes are running stable so far for days with version 2.1.7.
yes chain db can get corrupted in case of a power loss or if you don’t shutdown the wallet before shutting down pc but that is easy to solve and in my opinion it is not the end of the world :slight_smile:



Just FYI that I have 3 Windows wallets running v2.1.7 and all are stable.
In fact, I’ve never had any PIVX wallet crash on me ever…
I also have a linux running same latest wallet as a masternode and have zero issues.


Non-mandatory = I can keep staking with 2.1.6 and receive reward?

It’s been 4 days since I last received a reward and staking about 6k