PIVX Wallet out of sync and will not sync


I downloaded today the PIVX wallet and it is not syncing at all. Stays out of sync all the time and no matter what I do (example go to wallet repair and choose re-sync) syncing does not start. In the meantime I transferred some coins to the wallet from Cryptopia and obviously these are not showing. I’m at a loss, and was wondering what I can do at this point. Also, I’m not a tech person so I will need simple solutions, if at all possible! Thanks in advance.


Hi Shera,

probably your firewall or Antivirus is blocking the wallet. You should check that.
You could also use the Bootstrap to speed the sync up:


To use the bootstrap all you have to do is:

  1. download and unzip the file
  2. Close your wallet (File > Exit)
  3. Delete the following folders: zerocoin, chainstate, blocks, sporks
  4. Place the extracted bootstrap file into your PIVX data directory (where the wallet.dat is found)

Here are some instructions where your PIVX data folder is located:

Best regards,