PIVX whats next?


Well i found PIVX while trading in another market and kept seeing PIVX in the chat so i checked it out.

i researched PIVX and liked what i saw, and decided to invest. Im ready to work on my masternode. I was glad to be able to buy at a good price, as it has gone up considerably. Now i have to stake them and Im reading and reading all the guides. <new territory for me wish me luck.

I can see everyone working hard and keeping the forum active, this is a big part to success. I have been on forums where the last post was from 2016, not good…

I can only imagine how much we will grow once we hit the main stream and Im excited by this thought. I continue to point people to PIVX.

Is there an game plan to get the word out for PIVX like news reports, ads, or getting into other trading markets?

Mods> if this has been already discussed post the link or combine this post,

see ya!