PIVX Writer and Content Manager


(I, Chad, am submitting this on behalf of Robert DeVoe)

Hello everyone,

I’m happy to report that the last three months of me acting as the PIVX PR and Communications Administrator has been a big success. I successfully launched a couple of big announcements press releases and new blog series called PIVXProse that has seen some incredible adoption across both the PIVX community and cryptocurrency news media.

I also had the chance to write a number of blog articles and press releases about PIVX news and sponsorships we have done.

I work closely with Rhubarbarain and team to vet the content, help with research and source creative.

Here are the articles I wrote during my last three-month tenure:

I also have a few articles in the pipeline now including the next installment of PIVXProse and the official press release for the next version of the wallet.

The series was used as a source in several crypto news articles, all without expense to us. One example includes this article about our initiative to bring in more people to the team:

Finally, I started a new Twitter campaign, #PIVXFTW. A number of tweets in this series had a good number of impressions. One tweet garnered over 300k impressions and 87 engagements.

The Next Step

Based on the success of my first 3 months in this position, I would like to request that the community keep me on so that I can continue with this work. In addition, I would like to expand the scope of the project and begin testing for the launch of a new team.

In response to my PIVXProse article about joining PIVX, I received a number of inquiries about joining us as a writer for our blog and press releases. I realized, however, that we do not currently have a system in place to hire writers on a part-time basis in the same way that hire translators. For this reason, I am requesting some additional funding that will be used to hire writers on a per article basis. As per usual, I will keep track of this pool of funds and report it on each subsequent proposal. I will also post the address where the funds are held for verification by the community. I estimate each article will cost between 25 and 50 PIV depending on the writer and their experience and skills.

The Numbers

For this period I would like to request funding for the following:

PR and Communications Administrator - 1000 PIV per month

Funding pool for new author team - 200 PIV per month, unused funds will carry over

Refund of proposal fee - 50 PIV

Total: 1250 PIV x 3

To Vote
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