PIVXSummits Q1 2019


Happy birthday, PIVX!

It’s already been two years, and you’re getting old and shabby (by crypto standards). What you need is a momentum boost with an event or two!

The ones lined up for the first quarter of 2019 are:

Anarchapulco 2019: https://anarchapulco.com/
in Acapulco, MX the 14 to 17 of February
PIVX Community attendees: Fuzzbawls, Pobi, MikeDub, Onezetty, Myranation, PIVXPromoter, and NachoDEX


London Blockchain Week (5th Edition): https://www.blockchainweek.com
in London, UK the 8th to 14th of February
PIVX Community Attendees: Cryptosi, Buer, others TBD

With this proposal, we are asking for 5’000 PIVX per month for q1 2019 to cover tickets, travel and lodging for the community volunteers attending these events.

Furthermore, following some bug/disattention/premeditated attack on our treasury the last two tranches of PIVXSummits’ former proposal Q4 2018 PIVXSummits were NOT funded. We hence have contracted debt to fulfil our commitments to attend Websummit, Provenance Blockchain Summit, WCC, etc. We hope to use some of the PIVs allocated to PIVXSummits in the following budget tranches to honour these loans.

As usual, we are asking for 5’000 PIVX per month for the following three months, with a total of 15’000 PIVX.

Please VOTE!

Name: PIVXSummitsQ12019
Hash: bff41be893855c722e2423807ba3f0d40ada7331adca6e0195e81f1022a95230

mnbudgetvote many bff41be893855c722e2423807ba3f0d40ada7331adca6e0195e81f1022a95230 yes
to vote in favor

mnbudgetvote many bff41be893855c722e2423807ba3f0d40ada7331adca6e0195e81f1022a95230 no
to vote against

mnbudget getinfo PIVXSummitsQ12019
to check the status


Yeeeeees! :smiley:

Will will share the UPF all around the world :sunglasses: :world_map:


Oh… I’m going to London blockchain week am i?

Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile: