Por Los Niños (For The Kids) Cancun, Mexico


You may not remember Niels, but he is the owner of the La Tradicional Churrería the first restaurant that accepts PIVX in Cancun, Mexico.

Neils and Myrnation

So we have been continuously supporting him, we organize PIVX Meetups in La Tradicional almost every week (and we pay using PIVX of course), we were in touch with Niels helping in any aspect we could.

PIVX Meetup

In our last meetup Neils talk to me about an interesting community project he is developing, he called it “Por Los Niños” (For The Kids) and I would like to talk you about this.

Por Los Niños (For The Kids)

Por Los Niños is an initiative for the kids, is a reward for the school kids in the elementary schools in Cancun, the best students (in student achievement, not only in grades) will receive a “coupon” for a breakfast in La Tradicional Churrería they can choose wherever they want from the menu and enjoy a significant experience they win on their own, Neils is inviting to al business he is related to.

The cost of the gift certificated is $30 MXN ($1.59 USD at the moment to write this).

I decide to participate in the initiative right away, I donate around 15 PIV, so now PIVX will be a sponsor of this great initiative.

I will be in touch with Neils following the developing of “Por Los Niños”, he will give me some photos of the first deliveries of the certificates, the first kids having breakfast and a volunteer psychologist will help him to qualify and quantify the project, to be sure is a good initiative and if the children show any significant improvement after receiving their prize.

I not sure if is going to be “significant improvement” in the kids, but I sure they will enjoy a great breakfast (I very sure of that) and that is enough for me, the happiness of life is made for small moments.

I hope you like to see the PIVX logo in the invitation, is no so big, but now you are part of this.

We Keep It Purple!!! <3


Thanks Zetty for bringing to the attention this great cause.