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Hi everyone I’m Robert DeVoe AKA optical88 on Discord. I’ve been involved with PIVX unofficially since 2017 and I want to make things official.

After speaking with our incredibly talented Rhubarbarian, I’ve decided to apply to take on the role of PR and Communications Administrator. This will be a part time role that will handle blog writing, social media posts, and helping bring more people into the fold. A more detailed description including KPI’s is below.

I’m a crypto news writer based in Seattle and some of best work has come from when I covered PIVX and it’s recent developments like zPIV, zDEX, and most recently the launch of the iOS app.

Here are a few articles that I’ve written about PIVX on different sites:

PR and Communications Administrator - Job description:

The PR and Communications Administrator is responsible for producing the messaging and content necessary to communicate with both our community and news outlets. This includes writing original content for our official blog, writing Twitter and Facebook posts, writing and editing official press releases, and contacting and submitting press releases and articles to news outlets in an effort to get them picked up.

This is a part-time role that will require between 10 and 20 hours a week divided up amongst the various tasks that the role requires. The PR and Communications Administrator will report directly to Chad Ballantyne, Lead of Marketing.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI):

The following tasks should be completed by the PR and Communications Administrator each month:

1 - Write at least four pieces of unique content for use exclusively on PIVX communication platforms such as our official blog. Content should be between 500 - 1,200 words.

2 - Post onto our Twitter account a minimum of three times per week, but ideally seven times per week or once per day.

3 - Have our messaging be posted through third-party news site as often as possible, preferably at least once per quarter depending on the significance of the announcement. More is better.


As this is a new position, I’m asking for 500 PIV per month, plus the 50 PIV fee. For three months coverage and the application fee this will total 1550 PIV.

About Me:

I’m Robert DeVoe, a highly experienced cryptocurrency community manager and writer. I have written for news outlets such as,, and just to name a few. As a result I have numerous connections within the crypto news industry and can easily get in touch with the right people in order to get things published.

I have previously worked with PIVX and Rhubarb Media on other projects and assignments including official blog posts and articles that appeared in outlets I write for. I have also acted as a writer and community manager for other crypto projects including Celsius Network, Golem, BitClave, and the Crypto Improvement Fund.

My writing has also appeared on BuzzFeed, Hackernoon, and

Proposal Name: ContentCreatorEditor

To vote in favor
mnbudgetvote many 5b725358be15a641a5785381b0f602c57600f4349d562b139e3e128d40e8ff8b yes

To vote no
mnbudgetvote many 5b725358be15a641a5785381b0f602c57600f4349d562b139e3e128d40e8ff8b no

"mnbudget getinfo ContentCreatorEditor” to check the status

Proposal Fee:
I will be asking for the 50 PIV in fees to be reimbursed.


Robert, you’ve done some great work in the past and the press release and pick up on the iOS was great for having no ad spend. I support this!


@Robert, Thank you for the proposal with the mentioned KPI that can help organize the translation job.
Looking forward to work together and increase global awareness


Hi Robert,

I wanted to drop in and let you know although we also submitted a PR proposal, I believe our efforts would be highly complimentary and would be pleased to work together should both of us get approved.

Your writing is excellent!