Problem with Wallet Balance


I have the latest Wallet on my PC (3.0.6) and the balance in that wallet is not correct. The balance is higher than it should be. So I think its an older backup of my wallet?!

How can I fix that problem?

The blockchain is fully synced!

Thank you for any help!


Backups do not save an amount of pivx at a certain time. They store private keys which pull the pivx amount during sync. Do you have any zPiv? zPiv is stored in the wallet and if you spent zPiv and then went to an old backup it would show up again but be unspendable.


I dont really understand it with the new zPiv. The wallet does change to zPiv all the time automatically (-100.01). Is that enough?

To be sure: My PIVX are still there and I also can use it anytime, even the balance is wrong?


You can verify your Piv balance on the block explorer here:

You may also want to verify that you are in sync on the right chain here:

If you are in the wrong chain there is a chance that recent transactions are not shown.

Looking into your zPiv amounts, because of the anonymous nature is a little more complicated and may be difficult to verify on the forum, can you please visit our Discord server and come to the support channel:


I dont find my PIVX address? I have a few address in my history, but its always a zero-sum game…


If you click tools, then debug console you can enter listaddressgroupings to see all your Piv addresses. However, if the balances do not add up that (to me) indicates a potential issue with your zPiv balance.


I got hundred times: PIV to zPIV -100.01
The wallet does it all the time. How often will it does that? And I still dont understand it…

I dont find my address where I should look!?


“zPiv is stored in the wallet and if you spent zPiv and then went to an old backup it would show up again but be unspendable.”

I didnt spend any zPIV, but the wallet does automatically those transaction! Should I stop it? Can I stop it?

I dont find any video that shows my problems after the conversion? Shouldnt be tousands of people having the same issue?

Could it be that my 1000 PIVX are lost even with my wallet.dat with and old balance?


I try to convert one PIV to zPIV and the wallet says:
Error: The transaction was rejected! This could happen if some coins were already spent in your wallet, as if you had used a copy of the wallet.dat. Coins were spent in the copy, but not marked as spent here.

(google translation)


Take a read through this, it should explain what is happening:

The wallet currently automatically converts 10% of the Piv balance to zPiv. Yes you can stop it, the details are all on that link. Look for the automint section.


Please join the Discord server:

It will be much easier to help solve this there