PROPOSAL : Funding for PIVX - Tango governance portal (test site)


This new Governance portal is a proof of concept for the Tango governance proposal put forward by Turtleflax.

Here is the tango proposal :
here are the other prominent CDG proposals:

The Concept site is called Tango alpha and can be found here:
In brief it works by scanning the blockchain for the amount of staking payments an address uses, you can then use this weight to vote. Please note this includes masternode payouts also, so EVERYONE who is actively securing the network gets vote weight. this is slightly different to 1 piv 1 vote.

The site has already been built to alpha level without funding and can be tested right now at the above site. Please also be aware that the site will include a block explorer as well as methods to donate to certain predetermined addresses, that will allow us to easily fund projects that have passed masternode budget voting but have not been paid due to lack of funds.

Update: The ability to more easily donate to certain addresses has now been added, along with the ability to add your own address to receive donations from community members.

Finally the site will be open sourced and the API is already available for anyone to use.

So to summarise the following deliverables will be expected:

Tango proposal concept site - ability to create proposals and vote on them using stake weight
– ability to sign and prove address ownership
– ability to request donations to a certain address for any shown reason
– ability to easily donate to an address using QR code or basic address
– stake weight will exclude zpiv as there is no way for a 3rd party to verify zpiv ownership for obvious reasons , this can be overcome in a full version (we hope)
– web interface
– full API so that people can present this functionality in unique ways on their own site
– NO ACCESS will be given to the Main concept server (again for obvious reasons)

There is no hard date for this to be completed, but given that most of the things on this list were completed prior to funding being asked for, I’d estimate tentatively a few months more work.

If this proposal passes we will add a tango concept channel to discord where you will be able to speak to myself and Furniture about the development and progress of this initiative.

There may be a followup proposal to this in some months time to fund a Front-end which is more User friendly and some UX reviews and implementations.

I am requesting 2500 PIV in 1 payment for the following:

2K PIV directly to the developer of the Site, community member ‘Furniture’
200 PIV - My 10% proposal maker fee
300 PIV - Create an animated explainer, subsidise documentation costs

Pre-proposal post was here:Funding for PIVX - Tango governance portal (test site)
Reporting will be bi-monthly, posted to Steemit and linked here, reddit, discord and twitter

Feel free to ask any questions.

Voting Info to follow:


hash= 9f29ebbd224da62a085add6e7269bb45fc70900d08b45dfc2bbe1083fb83bcc7

“mnbudget vote-many 9f29ebbd224da62a085add6e7269bb45fc70900d08b45dfc2bbe1083fb83bcc7 yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many 9f29ebbd224da62a085add6e7269bb45fc70900d08b45dfc2bbe1083fb83bcc7 no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo tango_portal” to check the status


…if you aren’t a masternode and still want to show a vote of support (or a Nay vote if you’re hatin’) -
you can do so here!


Soon we’ll celebrate the two year anniversary of having voted for CDG being implemented, in April 2017