Proposal - PIVXpress in Spanish


Hello everyone!!

This is me ONeZetty, In case you do not know me, I’m the PIVX Ambassador in Cancún. I am also community manager of the Spanish PIVX account in Twitter, Instagram, Steemit, Facebook and recently the host of the PIVXpress en Español.

I fell in love with PIVX since the first minute I was trying to understand the project, I always been concerned about privacy - so for me was very natural landing in PIVX. I have been here for more than a year now.

My recent activities for the community were travelling to the Blockchain Summit LATAM in Colombia, representing PIVX. I always try to do my best everywhere I go or anything that I do. In the Translation team with @Hanna or in the Ambassador team with @Rhubarbarian, making meetups\and working on social media, trying to deliver the message to the Spanish community.

Is important to mention that I have received donation for doing the videos, from from @Rhubarbarian, but never was my intention to been paid, I do it because it is fun, you know the JFDI!. The only “payment” for me at this moment is the translations in the Hanna’s Team.

And it is more IMPORTANT to mention that so far the community always supports me, I never feel alone. ALL the members of the community give all the support I ever need, even some people donate me PIV to Keep it Purple. I couldn’t do it without @SnappySnap @Rhubarbarian @Hanna @Buer @Eric_Stanek and other great PIVians.

But I think it is time to get some funds for the PIVXpress en Español project, like I said before, the new Youtube Channel is now the biggest of this projects and the most expensive. Itis not an easy task, every video is almost a full day planning, filming, editing and uploading, with no external help.

Why would you pay now for something I was doing for free?

Well the passion is not forever, and I think I have some quality now. I I feel more confident making the videos, and there is too much to do. I had to prove to myself that I was able to do it. And the work behind making a video is very hard, almost a full day of work.

Until today there are 14 videos, averaging 45 views, is not too much yet, but I was organic and with limited resources.

Feel free to take a look of them:

What do I need?

I’m asking for 600 PIV for support the PIVXpress in Spanish Channel for 3 months (January, February and March). I will film, edit and publish 1 video ever 15 days for 3 months. So is 200 per month, plus the 50 PIV of the proposal. Total 651 PIV.

Vote Yes:

mnbudgetvote many 5402ea5affbbef0c6d6cceeec70aacf623d13d57164b9427405c977237d248f5 yes

Vote No:

mnbudgetvote many 5402ea5affbbef0c6d6cceeec70aacf623d13d57164b9427405c977237d248f5 no

PIVX Central link:

Proposal: PIVXpress in Spanish

Hi, I know you are an absolutely hardworking man and your meetups always collect a lot of people. You have the talent to tell them to really useful information about PIVX and its achievements. So, we are proud of you and I would like to support you in this project. Thank you for your job.


Thank you @Crypto_Vitality for your support!! :purple_heart: :pray:


I fully support this initiative. Ideally it could be translated too in portugese so that the entire americas are covered, because I have seen that a lot of potential user of pivx are unfamilar to english. So the more translation and beginner information the more project the chain will support… good luck in your quest.


Thanks you very much for support!! :pray:t3:


yes, excellent work that you have done, you have my support, and I am sure that the community will support you


Gracias por tu apoyo @pepemartinez :pray::purple_heart:


I know your work for the pivx community and I support this pre-proposal

hope to see this soon!!!


Thanks for support!! :pray:t3:


good one, brings more adaption more countries, especially in latein america, where fiat currencys are more unstable, so my vote is yours mate !


Thank you very much for your support!! :pray: :purple_heart:

I will!! :grinning:


Thanks for your support!! The first video of PIVXpress en Español in January is ready.


The second video of January is already published:

PIVXpress en Español, 20 de Enero 2019:


Hello everyone,

My third video

PIVXpress en Español, 11 de Febrero 2019



Second episode of February:


Here the last metric of the channel. In this moment I have only 45 subscribers but the number of viewers increase in the last 2 months.


What I been doing so far. The Report:






Proposal: PIVXpress in Spanish

I also been in the top 20 of more active users in the community, using the PIVX_Espanol and ONeZetty Twitter accounts!

(thanks to @Hanna for the graphic)


Thank you @onezetty for mentions. Keep going !:star_struck: