Proposal: PIVXpress in Spanish


Greetings everyone, this is ONeZetty!!

This is the proposal for the next budget of the PIVXpress in Spanish for April, May, and June, 2019.

You can read all about my last proposal and then the results obtained here: Proposal - PIVXpress in Spanish is very important to point that my last proposal was for 3 months, but it was founded only 2.

In the last months I been working to increase the Spanish community in PIVX, not only making the videos but joining to other crypto communities and expanding the UPF. Now the Spanish community is starting to a grownup, and it was because of the great support of all the community, developers, marketing team, and all the PIVX family.

My goal now is to integrate more the Spanish community to PIVX. So I decided to find some help in other areas where I have no too much experiences, like marketing and trading (TA).

My proposal is this time would include some budget for two collaborators that help me:

The first one is the sponsorship for Michael Mitnick, he will be making videos about PIVX about trading and analysis of the project from his expert eyes and posted in their own crypto channel for the Spanish community, this will help to increase the possible investment. His Youtube channel:

Se second one is mariichuy, she will help me with the Spanish PIVX Instagram account, this is because is a great social media for increasing the community, but I run off of time to keep a good rhythm for it. So she will take control of the account and continue the work for the community.

My idea is that soon they will participate more in the DAO, sometimes is necessary to show them the way.

I’m asking 417 PIV monthly for 3 months:

750 PIV for PIVXspress in Spanish (2 videos per month)
300 PIV for Michael Mitnick Spanish trade analyzer (2 videos per month)
150 PIV for Marii’Chuy for handle the Spanish PIVX Instagram (1 post per day minimum)
50 PIV for the fee proposal.

1201 PIV + 50 PIV = 1251 PIV

I will be in charge to measure the quality of the videos and the post and I will make some correction if is needed, I will lead this small team but there will receive my full support if they like to abandon the project, make their own proposal or stop doing, in that case, I will look for a substitute and save those PIV.


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PIVX Central:

Thanks. ONeZetty


Saludos Comunidad! Gracias Onezetty por esta oportunidad. Hagamos crecer la comunidad hispana de PIVX, con la colaboración y el aporte de todos, se que crecerá exponencialmente.


Gracias mariichuy por unirte a mi propuesta!!!

Thanks mariichuy for joining the team of this proposal!!


Saludos a toda la comunida de PIVX. Muy agradecido por formar parte de esta propuesta por medio de @onezetty el cual ha estado atento a todas las publicaciones desde mi canal las cuales han sido de mucha utildad para la comunidad PIVX en español.


Gracias @michaelmitnick por sumarte a mi propuesta

Thank you @michaelmitnick for you great work and for join me on this proposal :purple_heart:


Excelentee oportunidad


Hacer comunidad sana y efectivamente es una de las bases para poder hacer crecer cada vez más el mundo blockchain, y como parte de la comunidad en español puedo decir que hay mucho con lo que se puede trabajar.


Excelente propuesta @onezetty espero que tengas suerte. Es importante que la comunidad este trabajando junta.


I love this proposal, I hope the team and the community continue to grow.


Thanks for your support!!


Thanks for you comments!!