PuTTY and SSH Keys on Windows


I thought it could be useful for some people how to properly make a SSH connection from Windows. When you rent the VPS for your masternode, you will be asked if you would like to setup SSH keys for your server, so this is what we are going to begin with.

To make your own SSH keys we need a tool called PuTTY, which we will also need later to make the SSH connection from your computer. Download it here: https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html

After the installation you need to search for the program called PuTTYgen and run it. Press generate and randomly move your randomly mouse in the empty area of the window until its done. You now have a public-key that you can share with your hosting provider and a corresponding private-key that is kept private and proves that you are the owner. Press “Save public key” and “Save private key” plus make a backup of them to be safe.

Once you’ve done that you can close PuTTYgen and search for the program PuTTY and run it. Here you want to import your private key first, click on the “+” next to SSH in the bottom left of the window and click “Auth” then brows for your private key and open it. You can now go back to the “Sessions” tab at the top left and enter your server IP in the “Host Name” field. Write a name for this server in “Saved Sessions” and press save. Now when you start putty all you need to do is click the name and press “Load” and then “Open” to start a SSH connection with your server.

OK, so you have setup SSH and can now start setting up your Masternode on the VPS server. Find the latest guides for that here.

Find me on slack if you need any more help, my nick is @andrell

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Hi Andrell,

The link you’ve shared was not working at my end. However, I’ve found an another website to download putty.