Q4 2018 PIVXSummits


Dear All,

Here follows the Q4 2018 PIVXSummits proposal requesting 5’000 PIVX a month for the next three months to cover the costs of:

  • event attendance and PR/sponsorship at said events (Consensus, etc.)
  • travel for said events
  • lodgings & food during the events.
  • Schwag (t-shirts, cards, banners, displays, etc.)

among others.

This proposal will be updated within two days as the team is now busy working on a) budgeting the upcoming events in Las Vegas, Nevada; Valletta, Malta; Lisbon, Portugal; and Seoul, South Korea. b) arranging transport and lodging for the team at these events c) preparing schwag and business paraphernalia for said conferences; d) composing and publishing press releases for the four upcoming events e) coordinating ticket giveaways for at least 2 of the four upcoming events (if not more) f) corresponding with the organizers of each summit to maximise our team’s time at these events.

In the meantime, for transparency’s sake, I thought it would be best to publish a (censored) ledger of all PIVXSummits finances since August 29, which you may find here: https://ledger.pivx.events


Name: PIVXSummitsQ4
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