Raspberry pi staking


ui dont see any more raspberry pi wallet options, can u still stake on a pi, and if so does it work with wifi turned off and the computer shutdown?


The raspberry pi runs a 32 bit Linux operating system on an ARM processor so the wallet is found under the Linux heading or here is a direct link:


If you use a raspberry pi increase the swapfile to 1 GB minimum.

Staking is only active while you are actively connected to the network.


Do you have to install linux or can I just use rasbian? Sorry about the noob question.


Raspbian is Linux :slight_smile:

It is a special version that has been modified specifically for the Raspberry Pi, but it is still Linux and no need to apologize, ask away.


Thanks @thuggins!

I thought it might be something like that :slight_smile:


Raspbian operating system is based on Linux. This is why you are facing it. With the help of Linux backend, I developed hp customer service which will work on any operating system.

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