Roadmap 2019 -- initial thoughts....... by Cryptosi


PIVX DAF – legal charitable entity built as a foundation to ensure ongoing development and business adoption
Q1 2019 completion Lead by – ? Cost --?

Bulletproofs — Shrink zpiv transaction sizes
Q2 completition Lead by – ? Cost --?

Code audit – Benedict bunz, cryptograhy pioneer full code audit of bulletproofs and zpiv stability
Q1 completion Lead by – ? Cost --?

Hardware wallet integration – Tresor and Kaiser wallet
Q2 completion Lead by – ? Cost --?

PIVX incubator – Business development team, to build income producing assets for PIVX community
Q2 completion Lead by – ? Cost --?

FIAT gateways – PIVX will establish at least 2 FIAT/CC/Bank transfer gateways, prefereably visa/mastercard directly to PIVX
Q1 Completion Lead by – ? Cost --?

New QT revamp – New frontend Wallet design
Q3 completion Lead by – ? Cost --?

New lightwallet – Electrum fork with optional zpiv + PIVX daf fees + IPFS governance intergration
Q3 completion Lead by – ? Cost --?

PPL + PRL – Standards for improved Governance and proposal creation
Q1 completion Lead by – Cryptosi Cost --2000PIV (proposal pending)

Community defined Governance — Direction Definition – We aim to have a solid direction defined before the end of 2019
Q4 completion Lead by – ? Cost --?

PIVX Sports SPonsorship — Building on the great work with sponsorships including UFC champions, PIVX will endevour to sponsor more athletes
Q4 completion / ongoing Lead by – SnappySnap Cost --?

CT — Confidential transactions to hide users IP addresses (privacy improvements) to masternodes also?
Q4 completion Lead by – ? Cost --?

Top ten exchanges – PIVX aims to get on at least 3 more top ten exchanges in 2019
Q4 completion Lead by – John.M / Jakiman Cost – Private

Stake box – an out the box staking solution for PIVX built on a SBC with custom software and firmware.
Q2 completion Lead by – ? Cost --?

iOS wallet – Complete intergration of PIVX mobile wallet with apple iStore
Q1 completion Lead by – Buer Cost --?

PIVX Event attendance – PIVX plans to be visible at the worlds top tech conferences including Anarcapulco, Websummit and Consensus.
Q4 2019 (ongoing) – Lead by – BUER Cost – Undicided

This is NOT an official roadmap, but just the START of discussion as to what should be added to 2019 road map, I’m quite sure certain PIVX departments may already have plans set, but none of them are public yet, so they should feel free to add them to this thread so that we are all on the same page.

Excited to see what other ‘Firsts’ PIVX can chalk up!

Keep it purple people!


I like it…feels do-able to me, and provides a nice expansion outwards of the PIVX ecosystem.

Also not in there are events/meetings/etc, which only beefs out this list more.


I’ve pinged Buer in Discord, hopefully he’ll chime in here, I’ve also added “Lead by – ? Cost --?” so we can plan for costs (where possible) and let people go to project leads easily.


“FIAT gateways – PIVX will establish at least 2 FIAT/CC/Bank transfer gateways, preferably visa/mastercard directly to PIVX”

By this do you mean the PIVX being directly available for purchase somewhere like BitPanda/Coinbase, itself a fiat gateway, or actually owning the fiat>PIVX process?

Though I guess the answer to this is ‘whatever works’, right?


I mean somewhere like Bitpanda, but ownership of its own assets such as gateways is also something I really would like to see happen, I think with our new foundation structuring happening this will allow us to build these sorts of things from the community up.


Love it! Great work PIVX, as always!


Speaking strictly from a hardware-availability PoV, this isn’t something that is likely to become readily available within Q1/Q2 2019. There are very very few SoC’s that would be ideal for such a project to be effective, and they are in very very tight supply at the moment (I myself have been on a waiting list since October for one such SoC).

Given the above hardware short supply issues, developing a custom software solution would likely extend the timeframe requirement even further. Uncertainty in exactly what hardware will be available, and the differences between potential hardware options makes writing software a pain in the rear…especially if this were to also incorporate any integration with display accessories.


Thanks Fuzz, I think it would be wise to remove this totally until there is some solution at least on the horizon.


Would be great to get in contact with the guys running dream market or similar darknet markets, because pivx is way more anonym then bitcoin. That would help adaption very much.


With that being illegal, it would be hard to find someone prepared to openly flaunt the law


disagree, USD is not becoming illegal cause people by there weed with it. pivx is just another currency and it willl never get a wider adoption if the community stays dreaming about pivx on amazon or aliexpress.
Only getting used buy lil shops no one worldwide gives a fuck about is not productive in my eyes.
I heared about bitcoin in 2014 due the darknet markets otherwise we would not have this chat.
I buy there specialised hacking tools for my job as pentester and have a solid market place that gives me more security then to buy over deep web forums.
pivx should lay its focus on the biggest advantage over bitcoin, the anonymity !


OK, I’ll tell you what, why don’t you do it?

You are in the community right? put forward a proposal for however much money it will cost to get it done and go do it. If you’re not afraid of the legal implications then put your neck on the line and prove me wrong.

I’ve got no moral issue with it, and I’m not dreaming of amazon or Ali express. I just have a healthy fear of U.S LE, despite not living in U.S they dont seem to mind flying around the world to lock people up.

but If you know the law better then please, please, please… prove me wrong.