Robots and crowdfunding


I’m thinking that PivX needs to ride the popular wave of robots entering into society, if we create small competitions for new robot inventions and similar we can peg PivX to this wave. It will create new engagement from outsiders and naturally bring PivX into new markets as they develop through robotics. Simply making a random coin for random people to use for random purposes (but it’s safer and faster) isn’t a strong enough proposition to win out long term in my opinion.

PivX has all the fundamentals right though, great community space, a strong coin with serious developments in the pipeline, high quality marketing etc. The thing is that all these things can be competed on endlessly, to really position PivX in the top ten for good I at least believe a niche market could be a great thing to attach it to and to me robotics would work.

The robotics community is growing rapidly and are more likely to be quick at adoting a crypto currency, they and we, can have fun creating competitions with PivX prizes, showcasing it all on youtube etc. Also it can lead to an investment platform within PivX into new innovations, again something that can draw positive attention and add real value to the outside World.

Any thoughts?


My son belongs to a local VEX Robotics Club. I am sponsoring the club so that they have the resources to get to the VEX Worlds in St, Louis next year. Of course, the sponsor name they will have plastered all over the place will be PIVX.

I think it is critical we reach out to the younger generation NOW. Techie kids are the easiest to motivate to adopt new ideas.


I have daughters on both our local FRC and FLL teams, we were just in St Louis for the annual FIRST Lego Worlds. It was amazing, so many cool things to look at and see, and the kids got to meet and talk to kids from all over the world.