Shapeshift inclusion


I sent a support request to shapeshift to have PIVX included. Lets see what I get back.


And this is why we love you! Good stuff man!

Would it help if others did it as well?


Hi, ShapeShifter! We have responded to your request!

Your request (26800) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Cameron (ShapeShift)
Mar 8, 7:15 PM MST

Thanks for reaching out. I have added PIVX to our discovery list, and our development team will look into it when they begin to decide on our next round of coin additions. We do receive several dozen requests a day for new coins to be added so can not assure you we will add your coin, but we will look into it and see if it makes sense for us to add at this time. Any new coins we add will be announced on our social media channels as well as our email newsletters.

Please feel free to connect with us:

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Mar 8, 7:12 PM MST


Wow! You are awesome! I will tell everyone in slack because I don’t think anyone has done this yet.


Yes for sure. The more requests they receive the stronger the case to include


Also sent a support request to include PIVX on the coin cap app.


The update on PIVX getting added to is that, we will get added in the next round of additions. According to their Twitter acccount


Personally i dont recommend adding Pivx until the wallet issue for Windows gets sorted out. It crashes far too often compared


Basically, ShapShift inclusion = PIVX Debit card by Wirex.
Wirex has unlimited limits on load and spend amounts.
Maximum balance 7,500 GBP or 8,000 EUR or 10,000 USD

Q:Can I use other cryptocurrencies in my Wirex account?
A: You can only store Bitcoin in your Wirex account.
However, thanks to the integration with Shapeshift, you can now send most major cryptocurrencies to your Wirex bitcoin account.

Send PIVX --> through ShapeShift --> into a Wirex card’s bitcoin account