Smart Reach Alliance Proposal - Pre proposal


This proposal is for PIVX to enter into paid Alliance with Smart Reach. This partnership will grant PIVX the following:
1 x Monthly State of the project podcast/AMA/ interview
1 x Governance Conference Call per month
5 x adverts within Smart reach releases per month
1 x ITK episode with Tom White of Sky Sports News
PIVX logo on all smart reach graphics related to sponsored shows

We believe that the State of the project and Governance conference calls will go a long way towards making your decentralised governance more effective, reduce voter apathy and give proposers a better platform to share their products and ideas. The value of these two items far outweighs the small cost of alliance in our opinion.

Who are Smart Reach?

Token Tv is an established but little viewed Podcast and media hub. Token Tv was developed to bring content to Crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike with various shows both audio and video. Token Tv has published 15 Podcasts so far including 10 Token tv plus episodes, 3 Developers corner Podcast. And 2 Conference calls. There have also been 3 UX review videos made by under the Token Tv brand. Token Tv has since rebranded to Smart Reach and will be adding ‘state of the project’ a monthly roundup podcast on 4 various projects to the podcast is released weekly.

The Smart reach team

Carl ‘ Cryptosi’ Anthony –

Carl has been involved in Crypto since late 2012, working on working on various projects, most notably PIVX where he is still a team member. Carl’s passion for media was realised when he joined Token TV mid 2018, he likes to combine his knowledge of crypto with his desire to meet new people and smart reach is the perfect blend of the the two.

Douglas ‘Brought’ Broughton –

Doug is the founder of AFEW Ideas, a decentralized organization dedicated to solving our atmospheric, food, energy and water scarcity issues. He is assisting PIVX with ambassador recruitment to help educate, energize, and promote adoption of its cryptocurrency. Doug is also the co-founder of Vendible, a safe, community driven marketplace for cryptocurrency adoption.

Thomas ‘Tommy’ White –

Tom White is an experienced broadcaster and event host, best known for his current role as a lead presenter on Sky Sports News. He has hosted coverage of major sporting events including the World Cup, European Championships and the Olympics, as well as being one of the faces of Sky Deadline Day. His regular show on a Saturday evening during the football season, Goals Express, is now part of a football fans’ weekly routine

What shows we create?

ITK Crypto

ITK crypto is our flagship podcast which brings in project leaders and important figures from the crypto currency world. We started off our rebranded show (formerly token tv +) with a BANG in the form of OEX one of China’s biggest exchanges by trade volume! ITK is available on youtube, Spotify, GooglePlay, and other popular podcast locations

Rss feed :

Developers corner

Developers corner is a Podcast where CryptoSI quizzes some of the top Developers in the Crypto currency space, and asks them questions based on their actual public githubs and projects that they are building. It is aimed to be slightly more tech heavy than most podcasts, but information is delivered in a simple bite sized chunk.

UX reviews

Smart Reach resident UX expert Geoffrey Robertson ( reviews the User interface and experience of well known Prediction market software Augur. This feature length in depth review is a must see for UI/UX devs, packed with useful insight into how people especially newbies to crypto will view this Ethereum stalwart.

Governance Calls

The purpose of this conference call is to give the projects who are seeking Partnership with PIVX a forum with which to put their ideas forward and a forum for PIVians to ask questions and help guide the Alliance in both projects best interests. The call will last at least 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours and will follow a scheduled outline which is shared before the call.

State of the Project

State of the Project is a Monthly Podcast based on various awesome Crypto projects. The podcast delves into the current status of the projects and gathers news from important team members about the upcoming developments and advances…

Social Media Following

Twitter combined 8K+ Facebook combined 3k+ Youtube -100 – Steemit combined 1K+ Instagram -100

Our social media numbers are still low, but considering we have just rebranded totally we should experience a rapid growth in our reach, with Tom whites media connections Our social media reach will be much larger in coming months

What you will get, in depth .

1 x Monthly State of the project podcast/AMA/ interview

This will allow you to keep your community updated on developments and progress towards roadmap items, but more than this this allows community members to get involved and ask directions directly to team members and even put forward proposals and make suggestions for the progress of your project.

The podcast will be recorded in Discord using Craig-Bot, this allows our professional sound engineer to alter each persons individual channel to get the best possible quality on a remotely recorded call.ão-zurzica-90699b91/

Once recorded, calls will be shared in the CMT discord, on youtube and posted to all the popular places that all Smart Reach content is located, this gives your project the opportunity to be seen by people outside of its usual userbase.

1 x Governance Conference Call per month

Decentralised projects are still getting to grips with developing strong social layers for community interaction and tackling voter apathy, currently very few projects dedicate any time to giving their community an audio forum with which to share and investigate proposals. Smart reach through its governance conference call program is doing just that, and the benefits are clear and obvious from the short amount of time they have been incorporated in PIVX, that not only to they help find excellent proposals, but they also help to highlight poor ones and stop the community from misallocating funds or trust.

The governance call will be held in discord and after being recorded will be promoted on facebook and reddit with PAID advertising (cost covered by partnership fee) and the podcast will be uploaded to youtube, itunes spotify and all other serious podcasting hosting arenas. This service is one that is absolutely critical to any serious decentralised governance effort.

5 x adverts within Smart reach releases per month

Smart reach will be releasing plenty of content weekly featuring guests from various projects, these episodes will be listened to and shared by these communities and your project will have a short advert within the content, this is great exposure for your brand a considering these episodes will have paid advertising on facebook reddit and other platforms we expect the reach to be extensive and very well targetted. Each advert will be recorded in a state of the art studio by Tom White himself and be edited by a professional sound engineer to the highest possible quality. We will clarify the script before hand (please see script below)

Advert script – (to be decided by PIVX community and team, help will be needed)

1 x ITK episode with Tom White of Sky Sports News Your project will be featured on our flagship podcast free of charge.

PIVX logo on all smart reach graphics related to sponsored shows As well as the audio advert, your logo will also be featured on any graphics made for the show, our professional experienced graphics team are Rhubarb media, an experienced crypto branding company based in canada who have built all of our graphics to the highest standards. You can see for yourself on our thumbnails that our visuals are awesome (we dont like to brag)

What are the long term plans for smart reach?

Smart Reach is an ambitious project that aims to move a centralised media company into a decentralised media organisation. For more details feel free to read our proposal here:

You may also comment on it. (bear in mind, its not complete)

Please give us some feedback, we will be proposing for between 1000 and 2000 piv Per month/cycle, actual amount yet to be decided.